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Hi Choo! hope you and your family are doing great. Glad to see you post again.
Samson SR850, like I need another can!  But at $33.99 delivered, what the heck.  
Yes, I listened to it as well as a previous version. My biggest issue with it was that you had to be careful when carrying the amp in your pocket to not accidentally increase the volume. To prevent this you can use a toothpick to "lock the volume knob" . Its sound was fine but IMO the Supermacro was better as well as the Reference. At the time it was the 2nd smallest amp with the Supermicro being the smallest and the BEST sounding amp, IMO of course.   However due to size...
Rob, which of Xin's amps do you have with a problem? I could not fix it but I know someone who might be coaxed into trying.   If you want a MiniBox ES amp shoot me a pm I have one that you could borrow for a couple of weeks to see if it is your cup of tea or not.
The MiniBox-E+ is superb with the Etymotics, the ES is better but IMO with the ER4S due to its higher gain (3 buffers per channel).
  The X-Can V2 with the PinkFloyd mods and a Little Pinkie PSU is one of my favorite amps!
atumnholy, although tubes wear out they as a norm are good for several thousand hours of use with some in the 5,000 to 10,000 hour range. The warm up is about 15 - 20 minutes and BTW, SS amps do sound better once they have been on for a few minutes, IMO of course.
Hi, the Green Solo came out in 2007 as an exercise by Graham to implement a switching power supply to drive the Solo amp and reduce the consumption of electricity. A lot has changed in the last 5 years and Graham has tweaked the output of his amps which now far outperform the Green Solo. If you have not bought the Green Solo I would suggest you pursue the Solo SRGII or the Ultra LInear w/ the PSU1 or with the switching power supply and later you can upgrade to the...
In what respect? I have owned the Novo, Green Solo, Solo SRG, Solo SRGII and have on loan the Solo UL with both the switching and PSU1 power supplies. The only one I have not listened to is the new diamond. As you know sound is a very personal thing and an amp is just one small component in the chain (power, source, amp, cables, headphones and the user's disposition/age/etc). I enjoy the presentation that Graham's amps provide and IMO it sounds better than any and all SS...
^ I see what you mean, the British Pound has sure improved in the last year or so. The Solo Ultra Linear retails for 510 british pounds once you remove the 20% VAT, this almost doubles to about $900 USD plus there is S&H from across the pond.
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