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At $199 I gave in and got the Emotiva XDA-1, currently burning in.  
kindasonic, the SRGII is IMO a very nice sounding amp. Did you get the PSU1 with it or the switching PSU? If the second make sure the SRGII is grounded using the grounding post on the back of the amp. Good luck.
Kevin, that amp re-build is coming along AWESOME!
The XM6 is a nice amp, however I think you will miss the Supermacro's sound and flexibility.
I have the HM602 (16 Gb version) and the Westone 2, the combo sounds superb, I can listen for very long hours to this combo. Very satisfying and musical.
I have the HE300 and IMO is a great sounding can, better than the Senn HD580/600. I see charts and they are tempered by what I hear, I go with my ears over the charts but that is just me. BTW, I do not use the stock cable instead I use the OCC HE6 cable terminated in balance 4Pin configuration.   As far as the K550 I cannot comment since I have not heard them.
Be careful, the 6n1p draws almost twice the heater current of a 6dj8/6922.
You are indeed evil! 
I hope my old age does not confuse me this time and I make it to your meet JP#s. Beer, food, and good people! 
Look at the Mapletree Audio amps, IMO they are superb with Grado cans. They can be bought used for $450, personally I prefer the Ear + HD with the 12B4H valves.   http://hollowstate.netfirms.com/
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