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Hi, I have owned both of this amps concurrently and while very good I would opt for a higher end model. A D-Zero would be more like a side step so a higher model from either manufacturer would be IMO the way to go. Good luck.
Larry, below is a link to the Marantz 2240 manual.
Matt, I will be in travel mode so I would not have a lot of gear with me. Something like: iPod 5.5 w/ 240 Gb HD, Xin Reference w/ D5 module, Yuin OK-1, Creative Live Aurvana, and Westone 2.
Matt, I am just passing through and I though it would be great to see old friends I have made at a couple of previous meets (2) I have attended in the Atlanta Area. If it happens great and I will stop by to say hello. Cheers!
No, it was my observation after having listened to both on multiple ocassions. Anything else?
How much do you want to spend? On the low cost end there is iBasso and on the higher end Head Amp. Both are awesome in their respective brackets and of course the higher priced unit does sound better.
Darn, so tempted to buy. I have listened to some of the Musical Paradise units and they sound very nice at a good price point. Sure hope this further improves the sound quality.
Nice looking amp you have there Dan.  Wish I was in Southern California so I could stop by and listen to it. Meanwhile I am here waiting for Isaac! 
Larry, IMO you need to open the unit up to do the job right. I would take pictures as you open the unit to document the as found condition and I would first put the unit outside and "dust it off" using compressed air. Make sure you do not direct or impact the tuning blades.   I also believe you should take the time to remove the knobs (the spoon trick or a thing rope works) then the faceplate. As I recall there is a brass nut in the mid pot that has to be removed as...
Matt, how soon will this meet be? I ask because it looks I may be in the Atlanta area from 9/1 through 9/5.
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