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Package arrived … 
I propose we hold off the shipping for a week or two just to make things exciting! 
  Try to get some sleep! 
Aeolus I like the Novo with the HD580 and HD600 a lot. Where are you located? Send me a PM if you are interested.
Up for your consideration are two units by Red Wine Audio, both in 9.5+ condition using the Audiogon scale. I also have the original boxes and materials received from Vinnie. The units are about 2 years old.   1. Isabella LFPV Edition with both the USB and the 24/192 DACs including the balanced headphone out. This unit retails for $7,000 plus S&H, I will be including an OCC cable to convert from the balanced out to 1/4" made by Vinnie and which retails for...
  Nice review although I did not find the 627 grainy as stated.
RFI is an issue with a lot of electronics, personally when I have an iPhone in use close to the amp (couple of feet) I can hear noise.
IMO the LME49720HA is an outstanding sounding op-amp and in many applications the best. I have had great results with them in the HLLY SMK-II and the sound is more open and detailed while maintaining a punchy bass. BTW, I used heat sinks on the op-amps. I have also replaced the volume pot with a cheap attenuator from eBay, see pic below.  
  Your are! Glad you are enjoying the new toy.
I have had this amp for a bit over two months. As stated above it has too much current going to the valve so I replaced a resistor with a 20 ohm 5 watt one and the amp draws less current and runs a bit cooler. As a side benefit the amp run time has gone from about 3 hours to 4.5 hours. Next I tried op-amp rolling and replaced the NE5532 with: AD8620, AD797 (two to one board), and LM4562. Of those the AD8620 sounded the best but not necessarily better than the NE5532 just...
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