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Hi Bill, I will confirm when I check room availability this weekend. 
Hi Bill, hope you are doing well. Depending on the date I would be interested. Shoot me an email, cheers!
Darn! it has been a very long time since I posted here let alone write an opinion on any piece of equipment. Yes, I am rusty and hope what I am posting won't be too boring to you all.   About a week ago I was contacted by Chen from Head Direct who asked me if I would be interested in listening to a couple of their portable headphones and due to my past dealings with Head Direct and Dr. Fang I said YES!   Before we proceed here are a few pictures I...
Hi Bill, hope your wife is doing well. I will send you a PM, and as of now my participation is still up in the air. Good luck and thanks for organizing this meet.
Hi Bill, sorry for taking so long to respond. I will know by Thursday if I can attend, I sent you a couple of questions regarding the address and start time. Thanks.
Package arrived … 
I propose we hold off the shipping for a week or two just to make things exciting! 
  Try to get some sleep! 
Aeolus I like the Novo with the HD580 and HD600 a lot. Where are you located? Send me a PM if you are interested.
Up for your consideration are two units by Red Wine Audio, both in 9.5+ condition using the Audiogon scale. I also have the original boxes and materials received from Vinnie. The units are about 2 years old.   1. Isabella LFPV Edition with both the USB and the 24/192 DACs including the balanced headphone out. This unit retails for $7,000 plus S&H, I will be including an OCC cable to convert from the balanced out to 1/4" made by Vinnie and which retails for...
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