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yeah, DT770 is no match for classical or jazz. But soundstagedly, it rocks. But one thing is well burnt in for years, another is just less than 24 hours, too early to judge. 
Given my first 24 hour-listening and that I'm already used to the soundstage of my 770, I do find the 150 a lil'bit shallow. Claustrophobic is my exaggeration, however I hear things really close. Or maybe I'm biased to the 770 :))
 After the thrill of receiving the new headphone, my first SQ impression was not so good. The track was Layla (acoustic) by Eric Clapton, somehow the BASS didn't come out so right, I found it lack some impact. The TREBLE was just right, not harsh as my DT770 Pro and the mid is way clearer. As someone who owns a DT770, of which mid is a nightmare, I was delighted by the new can. DETAIL is not as good as my 2 yrs old 770, but I guess with just out-of-box first listening my...
It came. I'll check if I'd blast.    
Thanks Headzone and Lorspeaker. I bought it as one guy in this forum praise it as a bargain for classical ( ).   I guess I'd try to get the DT 150 :D
hi, guys. Just one question: DT 150 or DT 660 ?   I've just had myself a DT660 recently. I listen to almost all kinds of music, of which classical and jazz are on top. I find the DT 660 has a very nice SQ, however the build sucks as it's mostly made of plastic.   I like a flat headphone, which sounds accurately (don't mind the boredness anyway). Comfy is not an issue as the DT660 has strong clamp force, too. Those 2 both hurt the same I guess. I listen to music in my...
actually I'm using the X-fi with my notebook. I'll consider a soundcard when I get my new PC. THanks for your reply.
Hi,    I'm planning to buy a Behringer HA400 as I see its price on amazon is around $40. I have a limited budget, so can afford an amp of about $120.   I have a DT770 80 ohm and a Creative Sound blaster x-fi HD (USB). I use foobar and listen to 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC files from my PC, and I find my DT sound not loud enough. That's why I wanna get an amp. I don't need a portable amp 'cause I spend most of my time in front of the PC screen.    May anyone help...
X-Fi titanium is AC powered, so I gues it has no problem with driving high impendance cans. But my soundcard output really pisses me off  
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