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actually I'm using the X-fi with my notebook. I'll consider a soundcard when I get my new PC. THanks for your reply.
Hi,    I'm planning to buy a Behringer HA400 as I see its price on amazon is around $40. I have a limited budget, so can afford an amp of about $120.   I have a DT770 80 ohm and a Creative Sound blaster x-fi HD (USB). I use foobar and listen to 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC files from my PC, and I find my DT sound not loud enough. That's why I wanna get an amp. I don't need a portable amp 'cause I spend most of my time in front of the PC screen.    May anyone help...
X-Fi titanium is AC powered, so I gues it has no problem with driving high impendance cans. But my soundcard output really pisses me off  
I'm totally new here so hopefully get some tollerance for humble questions.   I already had the X-Fi HD and going to get the DT770 Pro/80 in days. So I wonder if the soundcard could drive the DT 770 that well since it's usb-powered.  According to the spec on the X-fi's cover, output for headphone is 33 Ohms to 330 Ohms, so should I go for a 250 Ohm DT  (I'm listening to all kind of music from Hiphop to classical, jazz; not a basshead) I read somewhere: "Beyer...
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