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Perfect :-) Some new toys will be with me, if all goes well even a Hugo2...
Yes, i asked Himmel look wether the room is available on march 18th or 25th, but no status yet
 I concur that the current interface is a bit overloaded, i.e. using multiplication factors for display of DSD data rates (not that it would bother me since I ignore DSD anyway). I happen to like that its not anything like the display used in the new RME ADI-2 Pro, utilizing layers of submenus for an astounding amount of functionality that kept me fighting to just get what I want: music out without any EQ applied etc. Yes, one has to know that e.g. long presses of certain...
Yes, I'm quite sure it's more of an incremental change than anything else. There are other products using the same ESS chip, but what really matters is the analog implementation -- and Benchmark is really good at that I think. I alsohappen to like their simple interface... so let's see
I can bring my AK70 along. Lovely thing btw, nice design, compact and lightweight.We were asking around for end of February, but a lot of people seem to not be available on Feb. 25th. So maybe we'll delay till they end of March -- which might increase our chances fort Heinz bringing a prototype with him...And just to be clear: you don't need an invite... just join us.
Always loved my DAC2 and just felt the unreasonable impulse of upgrading... I will wait for the DAC3DX though since i very much valued the separated output busses in the DAC2DX. Fortunately (my wallet disagrees) the DX should be available soon. Will sell either my DAC2HGC or DX, so if anyone is interested please PM me (within EU).
I've found them utterly disappointing (the HD380 as well btw), but it's a while since I got (and almost immediately sold) them so unfortunately I can't provide any details.
Just a short update on this: I did not change my mind. Today the P7 went back. Yes, the bass was fun, but the overall sound signature is not for me. Clamping was too strong, too big, so essentially my points from above still hold true. Too bad, really love the B&W speakers in my living room (no, it's not the Nautilus ;-)
Sorry, i don't have any indication on what codec is used by that combination... Val said, most phones support aac or aac+, bus I was not able to verify that for AK
Ether C Flow   Too many headphones, too little time... so there it goes: Selling my Ether C Flow in mint condition, including 2m single-ended cable terminated with a 6,3mm jack. Includes original protective case, packaging and shipping by DPD within the EU. Prefer local pickup.   The item is in the condition described above. Pictures show the actual item sold. Private sale, so no guarantees above the explicitly stated and no returns. No Paypal, just up front bank...
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