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 I guess that would not change the leaking, which is intended to get a more open sounding headphone... a trade off obviously as isolation suffers as well.There is an outlet around the edge of the cup, the gap you see there.
 Its the whisky. Plus maybe the tubes ;-)
Yes, it was... unfortunately I did not find the time to take it for a spin :-(I think I'll have to do that in September.
There are non-velour pads available for the DT770 series under the name 'EDT 770 S' (the 32Ohm variant comes with them).
Knowing Jan that would actually surprise me... its just holidays I guess.
Rather sweet problem indeed...Would be nice to hear how it compares to your HD800 (once you solve said problem ;-)
 There's a thread about custom shields around here... maybe try searching. Someone might be able to help you out.
I don't remember hearing *any* rumors... so 'very soon' may well mean 'we announce it soon and will be able to deliver them... some time not so soon". After V-Moda's seemingly good experience with developing the later part of the model in the open, i.e. taking in suggestions and opinions before finishing the spec, I'd be surprised if a successor to the M-100, their first model that (more or less involuntarily ;-) followed that procedure would be developed in complete...
Your choice of course... but don't hold your breath. The coming of the M-100 took many months after word first got out. Just go back in this thread and look at the timeline ;-)
Any successor is always marketed as 'better' -- if thats correct for you, only you can decide. Don't believe the hype... real advances are far and few, there's no revolution happening every other year. If you like your M-100 (and there's much to like), enjoy it. An Abyss might be better, someone else may like the Momentum better... but that should not influence your decision and it should not make you unhappy with what you have. Enjoy your music -- the M-100 is a very...
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