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I did not expect that myself, but Apple seems to have integrated support for additional USB receivers I guess. Very welcome indeed, especially since my new Benchmark DAC2 does *not* work with my iPad: wants to draw more current than the iPad is willing to provide... too bad, sounds like a firmware problem since the DAC2 of course has its own power supply. Nevermind.
Rather late to the game, but still very satisfied with the DAC2 complementing my new V281, driving either a balanced T1 or a K812.   Fortunately I can't find any pops on switching inputs or on/off so far, maybe they tweaked the firmware in the mean time. I very much like having an analog-like volume control (i.e. no endless encoder or, even worse, buttons) for my digital sources. I do like how they use the motor pot to slowly rase volume when changing settings (i.e....
Thats about as short as it gets ;-)
 I know that problem... so many headphones, so few ears ;-)Plus I'm running out of space on my desk.  Yes, its pure speculation. That though just crossed my mind while writing the last post, pondering why AKG might be doing this. And I can't imagine they're leaving out the K7 range completely. But lets see... To me at least the K812 came out of a blue sky so to say, I sure hope they have something up their sleeve.
@moriez  that may well be the case. Nice to see it still around, was my first headphone-only amp... In the mean time I've made the whole round, coming back to Lake People / Violectric with their V281 ;-)
I did not keep up with the discussion after selling my AE... was there a verified difference between AE and K712 besides the slightly angled pads, which the later AEs inherited (and were then identical I guess)?   My guess is that they are clearing inventory of a still very good driver, without ruining their own presence. Its marketed as 'Configured by Massdrop, Manufactured by AKG'. Which gives me the impression there might be a new driver for their now middle-class...
Could indeed be a defective unit. To my experience Lake People build extremely clean amps with proper power supply and shielding.
 They do -- I had to join and get a pair. Black... just nice.
No, not a budget model, rather their top model targeting studio users. Very good actually, though I preferred the P version with XLR input and relay output protection. See this thread: Lake People G109 / G103 thread
 And also save space... the V220/V281 box is quite a bit larger.
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