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Now that was fast ;-) Enjoy your new toy, to me its still the one that ticks most boxes. Btw.: did anyone ever change the headband spring (i.e. use the second spring thats included)? To me comfort is as good as it gets, so I never bothered with that...
I still keep coming back to the Master-1 again and again, despite it not being perfect (but what is?).   Maybe @arnaud feels about it a bit like I do about the Technics EAH-T700: I had high hopes and was quite disappointed with its tuning. Just skimmed through the Technics thread and bit my tongue... one report there reads like the person listened to a completely different headphone from how I heard the Technics, but still commenting on that won't say anything worth...
I don't think many will attend in July, but I would have Saturdays free (at least thats what my calendar says at the moment). Second half of August I'm on holidays, but 6th or 13th might fit.   I'll try to go to the show in Essen again this year.   Would of course be nice to see you again in Vienna, @Wurstteppich -- drinks will always be welcome, including Killepitsch ;-)
June 11th or 18th would be fine for me, otherwise June is already booked... Edgar, could you check if the room is available at all?
One argument to use opamps in the early stages is that the elements within the opamp are on the same operating temperature due to the tight packaging, so thermal effects might be handled in a cleaner fashion. I really love discreet designs though... looking at the row of transistors in the V280 does have something going for it. Still I think I can live with opamps in the preamp stage... That one was on show in Munich... did not listen though, just not enough time...
Benchmark DAC2...But I have to admit that with most headphones I use the headphone amp built into the DAC2, which is really excellent. Just a bit bright for some Beyer models (old T1, T90).
I would not call either of them dark, but the T51 has a warmer signature with more midbass and a bit softer treble. Neither has the beyer peak though.There seems to be a bit of a unit to unit variations at least with early DT1350, which may explain part of the differing reports
Ultimately only you can decide this... If you stock them I guess there might be a demo unit to try out -- and that's what I'd strongly recommend to do anyway.Personally I think I would not get used to them, so I would not spend any money on them obviously. Best thing to do is give them a listen and decide for yourself. You might like them... Were it just for me, Grado would be out of business already: tastes vary quite a bit.
Sorry that I can't help you out there, it's some time ago and I don't want to pretend my sonic memory is that good ;-)I always liked the Technics brand (still have some SL1210 for my PA rental, fabulous product) and would have welcomed their entry into the headphone market, but their tuning is simply off for me.
While I think its price is still a bit steep, even when considering the very good build quality and wearing comfort, what put me off was a tendency to sibilance that was simply not to my liking. While I don't want to tell anyone what to like, it is not a headphone I would consider to recommend. Its rather heavy, which is understandable given that it seems to be made mostly of metal, and feels very good in hand, a premium product. Not simply overpriced junk where the price...
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