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Ultimately only you can decide this... If you stock them I guess there might be a demo unit to try out -- and that's what I'd strongly recommend to do anyway.Personally I think I would not get used to them, so I would not spend any money on them obviously. Best thing to do is give them a listen and decide for yourself. You might like them... Were it just for me, Grado would be out of business already: tastes vary quite a bit.
Sorry that I can't help you out there, it's some time ago and I don't want to pretend my sonic memory is that good ;-)I always liked the Technics brand (still have some SL1210 for my PA rental, fabulous product) and would have welcomed their entry into the headphone market, but their tuning is simply off for me.
While I think its price is still a bit steep, even when considering the very good build quality and wearing comfort, what put me off was a tendency to sibilance that was simply not to my liking. While I don't want to tell anyone what to like, it is not a headphone I would consider to recommend. Its rather heavy, which is understandable given that it seems to be made mostly of metal, and feels very good in hand, a premium product. Not simply overpriced junk where the price...
Yes, on two occasions (IFA Berlin and a small show in Vienna). I think I posted impressions and photos earlier in this thread.
The silence in response speaks for itself it might seem... To me: no. They are not for me. But other seem to like them. As in most cases I'd suggest to try them out before buying them.
And long before that:http://www.head-fi.org/t/792916/fostex-hp-a4bl-the-a4-with-balanced-output
... Which was used in the background of the first photos of the A4BL.I think they'll keep the two model setup just like with A4/TH600 and A8/TH900, would be very surprising to see the A4BL replace the A8. But never mind, they won't deny selling a A4 to pair with a TH900 of course, and I'm sure the combination will work just fine.
To me its in most cases an unwarranted expense (not the modification of a headphone, which can be a fun project in itself, but the additional electronics of a balanced amp). There are statements by people like someone at Benchmark (I think their technical chief architect or something like that) or Rob Watts of Chord speaking up for single-ended amp designs. I don't know how your level of knowledge on electronics design is, so I don't want to repeat potentially obvious...
XL4 is *much* more robust than those flimsy 2,5mm TRRS connectors... and there's absolutely no reason to use 2,5mm jacks in a desktop device.   If you intend to rewire headphones for balanced I'd suggest to standardize on XL4 termination, creating adapters for other cases (single ended, dual-XLR, maybe 2,5mm TRRS etc.). But driving a low-impedance, efficient headphone like the TH-X00 balanced won't buy you anything except some time with a soldering iron and the...
 That would be correct -- if only one *could* wait I guess ;-) But as I heard today they seem to start out with a bit lower MSRP, so hopefully they'll remain stable for a while. I'm not in support of a constant flow of so-called new models that are relabelled old ones just to raise the street price again.
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