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Anyone heard of the ODS-1? The preorder just went online... http://aedle.net/en/preorder/ods-1/classic   Available in three design variants, using one dynamic and 1 BA driver, excellent design but unfortunately MMCX connectors (which I really came to dislike due to their mechanical instability). Still I could not resist and preordered one (Eclipse design variation -- all black is my color ;-)   Classic:   Legacy:   Eclipse:
I'd love to, but I did not compare them head to head and had not even heard the Oriolus MK2 for months before I bought one myself.Overall I have to add that I don't emphasize comparisons anymore, but try to let one product speak for itself, i.e. listen to it with my own music and see if if touches me. And the Mellianus did. Which does not automatically make it worth 2k€ of course...
I sold my original Oriolus some time ago and missed it ever since... now I got a V2 some 2-3 weeks ago. Still the perfect IEM for my taste, full bodied, very good midrange (something I've never bothered much with, but here its so beautiful that I digged out some vocal deep house tracks), impressive bass that is clean, has good punch without being overdone, reaches impressively deep and is just fun to listen to. Paired with excellent treble presentation that has enough...
@ampair thats correct... I postponed sorting and resizing them as long as possible ;-)                                  
One from the original batch and, according to Tyll from Innerfidelity, the best of the bunch of Fostex-derived cans. To me it still has a bit too much bass, so I did not use it much. Big cleanup now says it has to go...   Mint condition, includes original bag. In perfect working condition, no signs of usage.   Shipping by DPD (tracking and insurance available) within EU is included, in case of pickup I'll deduct that from the price of course. The headphone is in the...
I'm selling my beloved Ether C in mint condition, including original packaging, cable (its the DUM cable as far as I know), case, damping pads. Perfect condition optically as well as technically, yet I decided to keep the Ether C Flow because it fits my tastes a bit better (took me several weeks to decide though).   Shipping by DPD (tracking and insurance available) within EU is included, in case of pickup I'll deduct that from the price of course. The headphone is in...
I enjoyed yesterday afternoon/evening very much, despite my cold. Good to see new people joining us. As always I listened to too few setups as the thing I always enjoy most is talking to others. Plus of course @ampairs chili-Schnaps :-) I took some photos which I'll post later.
While I switch devices too often to actually use internal memory (I prefer copying to SD cards and using them across devices) I agree that mounting internal storage as a drive on the Mac should be possible. Having to resort to Android File Transfer is satisfies only very basic needs.
Just got confirmation that the cables for T1.2 and T5p2 are compatible with the Amiron, so the balanced cable will work. Hope to be able to get a demo piece soon. A DT1990 with less clamping force would be nice, and this might be just that I guess.
I already have the PXC 550 and am waiting for the Sony... according to amazon it should arrive within the next few days, just in time for my next plane trip on Friday... hope to be able to compare the two on that occasion, but so far the PXC 550 does quite well
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