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Something like €320,- as far as I remember...
 Thats the Yamaha HPH-MT220? Looks like a lot of plastic, but pads do look comfortable.
 I'm into electronic music as well and really love the Master-1 for those genres. Just got A Hugo last week and have to say it pairs exceptionally well with the Master-1. Did not turn it up loud, but bass just kicked more than expected.  Thats insane. But somewhat inline with the costs of the balanced cable. Will not get spare parts I guess... #172 btw.
Just recently acquired a black Hugo and I have to admit it really is something special. Its shortcomings like forgetting input selection and volume over power down don't bother me as much as I always thought, while its sound signature is just a dream to me. I'm especially fond of the pairing with the Ether C (I like the fact that the Hugo features a fullsize jack) and the T5p2. Incredibly detailed and effortless and such a lively well-structured bass that I did not turn...
Nice review, @Slaphead  My conclusions after owning the Sine for about 2 weeks is almost the same, with the DT1350 being the clear winner overall. I really wanted to like the Sine, but its giving me a hard time with comfort being so so and its upper mids to lower treble transition being a bit uneven/dipped.   My first try with the Cipher cable almost led to an immediate return... initially I listened with the normal cable and rather liked its sound signature. switching...
 That sums it up nicely. Yes, the TH900 is even more v-shaped than the TH600 but has a bit finer treble (where the TH600 sometimes can sound rather hard while the TH900 does not).  Really don't know why this keeps popping up again and again... To me the T5p2 isolates quite well (and no, the TH900 is not like an open headphone like the K812 or the HD800). Yes, there are headphones that isolate better, but for my use cases its more than sufficient.
I'm on holiday in the second half of August, so 27th is not for me.   Those interested in a smaller get-together in July please contact me by PM.
 Sounds like a god summary on the T5p2.Currently I'm jumping between the Ether C and the T5p2 when using closed fullsize headphones, and as much as I appreciate the airy presentation of the Ether C full of details that don't get thrown in your face, I keep switching back to the T5p again and again, which offers a more lively presentation and a bass that better fits my taste: clear, deep reaching, fast, dynamic not overblown. Yes, it has less smooth treble than the Ether C,...
 Glad you like it. Should be enough protection for normal bags / usage I guess.  I do think so, yes. For one I personally like the T5p2 signature more than the T1.2, plus it is easier to drive. And closed, a fact I really appreciate.
I posted detail pictures a few pages ago... no, it does not fit well, neither in form nor color. Still it adds enough power to drive things like the HD800S or the Ether C. I'd not bother with the amp when using efficient headphones like the T5p or IEMs.
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