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  Are you allowed to "that's what she said" yourself?   Let me just check Section 7 Subsection E Article 5 under Header iii. Part a. in order to make sure your usage is proper.
Similar things have happened with me.  Whereas it was not the lack of response, but the response received.  
If only they did this more often.
  From what I've read, the Shure's are considered to be overpriced.  So I'm not sure if that's a proper comparison.  Anyways this argument is moot because we have to take into account whether or not price is accurately matched with the product that is being sold and even then if "sound quality" can be quantified.
  Alas, I bought it from Amazon, and because well I assumed Amazon was relatively trustworthy (and I thought it was being sold by VSonic directly) and now I'm out 180 USD.  Good times -_-
Sigh.  I have to pay freight costs both ways back if I want to be able to replace the defective unit.  There isn't even a list of authorized resellers stated by VSonic that I can find...  Kind of ridiculous that I'm paying money for something that isn't my fault.  
Sound is shorting out and no response from VSonic yet although it's only been 4 days I think or less since I emailed them.
  I don't have a soldering kit, so I probably won't reterminate it.  Any idea on who to contact if I purchased them direct from VSONIC on Amazon?
The sound is great, but it's already randomly shorting out on one ear or the other randomly so I have to fidget with the area where the headphone jack is located.  :c  It's been like 3 1/2 months.
How does this compare to the Unique Melody Miracle?
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