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OT but I could never love any estat IEMs.
Electrostats beat everything in decay.
Looks like the V2+ is shipping out, got an email from CS confirming address.
Closer to the SR007 MK2 I suppose.
Beating a SR007/SR009 paired with the BHSE/KGSSHV is an astronomical ask.
Portable estats are always a compromise. STAX and Shure have tried but they just can't match up to a proper estat setup. I say this as owner of the SR001 and SR002. What folks don't realise is that estats are a big investment compared to Dynamic and Planars. I switch about my amps for my cans but can't do the same with my STAX. They are more specialised.
The FX850 is more audiophile bass than Basshead bass. Can't compare the two as FX850 has better technicalities but 2.5 has more raw grunt. Scalpel vs Hammer, if you will.
Without EQ and 3/4 bass port, the 2.5 can match the 2.0.With EQ, the 2.0 need not apply. Except the ASG-B, nothing seems to match the sheer low end grunt the 2.5 can serve up. I use bass boost on my amplifier too BTW.My poor 1.5 aren't even getting any headtime anymore.
  You,ve never owned an estat, dont know anything about Pro/Normal bias, dont know anything at all about amp costs (freely published by Spritzer/KG and others) and yet you come here to tell us that our arguments are wrong. Changing an estats plug isnt as simple as bolting a TRS front end to a XLR termination a la my HE-6.
2.5 is not gentle in any manner. Some EQ and power will have the 2.5 pushing air in your ears.
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