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The Adorama LCD-2 and BL combo is the best bargain around for $999. It's how I got mine. Aluminium 2016 LCD-2 and BL delivered for $1039 and worth much more than the sticker.
The HE-6 distorts if it isn't getting enough power. The LCD-2 though is perfectly happy with the BL.
Powers the HE500 and the LCD-2 perfectly.
So where can I buy one fully built or even semi built?
Beta 22. I'm on about 15-20 amps. Maybe more.......
Bring it on, I got a Beta 22 coming so should be a good comparison
Let's hope so, is it similar to the Beta 24.
I'm pretty rubbish at DIY but might be able to plug in different items to get them up and running.
A Stax SR007Mk2 with a BHSE is the ultimate in my opinion and experience.
A decent Class A amplifier to power the Edition 6 is another 2-3k. Pass Labs, First Watt, Mcintosh, Krell et al are probably required equipment for the Edition 6.
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