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I have sent emails for a payment plan but nothing so far.
Yup, various color options make life a lot harder. The Schiit range comes in a single colour for a very good reason.
The Geek Out has heaps more power too and dependent on the USB port so the IPhone isn't a fair comparison. IEM tend to be more sensitive too than headphones.
I have tried the JH16, XBA-H3, Klipsch Custom 3 and a bunch of others with the JH16 very susceptible to any hiss or distortion seeing as they badly expose any smartphone used as a source.
I have been testing my GO1K with all sorts of earphones/IEM and headphones and no noise yet.
Is anyone willing to build these or sell parts as a kit for others to assemble? I would be first in line to pickup a fully working kit and put it together.
Looking forward to it Magick.
Get the C5D, O2/ODAC or the Geek Out to replace the Fiio.
Just making sure we vet billybobs plans for world domination before he unleashes them on us 😊
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