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In a high stress and high octane environment like F1, I don't really expect him to be back until he is fully recovered.
One combination is the B&O H2 or the Thinksounds Rain2. Great out of the Note 4 unamped
I will buy 2 if it has a switch on the front to make up for a lost sale!!
I was on the phone with Billy today and discussing a place to setup. Might even offer my house as I have a long drawing room and should fit 10 tables easily.
Besides Germany it's the only other nation building the S Class. Very interesting story about how Mercedes-Benz India ended up building the most prestigious Mercedes sedan. I'll post it later.
India does assemble a few E and S class Mercedes-Benz.
The price has definitely gone down. I got my pair in May 2013 for $350 and today they are going for 60% of that.
German. Checked the plates on the cars and they were made in Stuttgart. Not sure they make them in China.
What would I give for a properly reliable V8 E-Class for 70k USD. They are fantastic all rounders and built like tanks but just miss the reliability mark. That's the best personal example I can give for myself.
JH16 with the Headstage Arrow 4G or the Cayin C5 is pretty much end game for basshead CIEMs. My setup is Sony A828 into a Headstage Arrow 4G and it's fantastic.
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