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Yet to see a single R2R DAC that was markedly better than a decent DS implementation. Skipped a totaldac and the Yggdrasil to stick with my pretty basic existing DS
I would like to thank ifi for their quick response to my MSDS query. Brilliant customer service on their behalf. This is my second ifi product and won't be the last. The iDSD Pro looks tempting but I'll have to audition one before I go ahead at that price.
Yup, MSDS for the battery.
Is it possible to get the Ifi iDSD Micro MSDS for the lithium battery. I'm bringing one over from the USA and Customs wants a copy of the MSDS.
I could answer it but that wall of text prevented me from seeing your question. Can you please repeat your query with some paragraphs and punctuation.
Hi, yes all the equipment is current and the Cayin i5 will have to show its mettle from $50 IEMs to the mighty HD800/TH900/LCD2 et al.. No excuses here and my Cayin C5 is a total champion so expecting big things from the Cayin i5. Yes, I,m located in Melbourne.
I'm from Australia. Interested in testing this out as I want an Android player with Spotify and Tidal support.
I treat reviews as the Gospel/Kuran/Gita/Torah et al. I never read them.(or take them seriously)
Looks like the training paid off Castle.
Are you a baby-boomer by any chance?
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