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 Hi, I,ll bring atleast 10 different IEMs for you to listen and decide.
Several grams! Are you Charlie Sheen by any chance?
Another vote for the same.
Thanks mate, will see what we can do.
 I tried the cheapest Fedex. UPS is $140. The code still works by the way. Cheers for that.
Still waiting for my Rockets in Gold with Black wire.
Yup, postage is still the same $98. Normally costs $30 for a pair of earphones for express delivery so not much luck for us Aussies.   So anyone still willing to help out as I am an NHT fan but we dont get a lot of stuff in Australia.
Coupon code isnt working anymore.   EDIT: Anyone willing to buy one for me at the discounted price. Located in Australia so they want $90 just for postage here.
Good find billybob, as long as it goes fast and sounds good, I don,t care what its powered with.
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