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Tidal with the Mojo and Nighthawk is a sublime combo.Very clean and musical.
The TH900 has better bass and better separation.
The TH900 is definitely a close contender as I own both and the DX1000 can still hold its own. Even after owning the Fostex, the JVC won't be going anywhere. Its the easy rider of headphones or the southern fried chicken if you will. Power it with a tiny Geek Out or a mighty Onkyo receiver.
Is Aurisonics support still alive? Needed help with my left driver shutting off.
http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB1AMP/NFB1AMPEN_Specs.htm Much more powerful than the Schiit and has a DAC. $520 which is about the same as the Schiit with a DAC.
Get the HD8 if you want something semi basshead. The TH series has monster bass, my TH900 matches the SZ2000 in anything including excursion.
Lookup JBHIFI as they have Sennheiser on discount. You can try out the HD8 there. Solid build with metal hinges. Storedj might have them too.
Get the M100 for portable or the SZ for Desktop usage.
Note 7 + Go V2Plus Infinity + ASG 2.5 Gold.
The JVC need a lot more amplification and are not as portable or comfortable as the HD8 or the M100. They bring the bass but are not perfect. I have been using all three for almost 2 years in between them and the Sennheiser and M100 are better suited for portable usage.
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