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The C5D is what you need since the C5 is just an amplifier.
Ordered the B&O H2. $199 and fantastic sound as I heard them before purchasing.
Still waiting for the B&O H2 Magick.
I wanted an invoice for the Naked Resistors and THD performance Upgrade but never received one. Could you please look into it Casey.
Try the WS99 with a Headstage Arrow. Fantastic bass and keeps the whole sound spectrum intact. The SZ1000 is good too as the mids and highs are better compared to the nutso SZ2000. That said I still like the SZ2000 more😊 One more.
The Cayin has a fantastic bass boost and a huge soundstage and will drive the SZ2000 and orthos like MadDogs to distortion with a huge reserve of power and most importantly a more refined sound than the E12.
Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies, just finished the BBQ with some King Island beef😊 I tried the B&O H2 at Noisy Motel in Melbourne and picking them up this or the next week. These would hammer the Beats while being built better and having pretty powerful bass for the average listener.
I backed LHLabs on sheer blind luck and so far have been very happy with the product. Of course, there was always a chance it would end in tears but at this point in time I am very confident in their ability to deliver. Welcome to the new world!
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