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Yup, a few high quality watts is plenty.
The LaScala are a bit shrill if not amped properly. It's not about a lot of power but normal amount of quality power.
It's a breath of fresh air to see Klipsch taking notes and asking for ideas and opinions compared to the Hifiman Edition 6 thread. This is customer satisfaction done right. You guys are really pushing me to buy a Klipsch LaScala or go for the big daddy KHorns.Suddenly I feel the need to get a home theatre too besides upgrading my Stereo setup...
Don't worry Tovarisch, Fang will make beautiful Make Russia Great Again Shangri-la special edition for Comrade Vova.
Heck, I'm not Chinese but even I can feel the insensitivity from Fang. When my Audeze broke, I didn't compare it to Jim Crow or compare my JVC breaking to Hiroshima. I wonder what those who suffered under the Mao regime would say about the "suffering" of a rich Dr making good money selling headphones. Pretty sure they would swap places in a jiffy. As per my poor Chinese skills reading his posts under the name Nankai King, Fang sure likes to spend time in the gym and...
People have had a bad experience, we aren't supposed to listen to you unless you prove yourselves. The HEK was a bad enough experience and you're not redeeming yourself with the Edition 6 from the looks of it. $6000 will get me the Utopia and my favourite Stax,the SR007MK2.
Own 2 HE400, 1 HE500 and 1 HE-6. Not touching the newer Hifimans because the build is poor and they just don't sound worth the price.
Rocking the FX99X,very impressive at the first listen. Definitely brings the bass.
Pass Labs amp: $1500, new HE-6 $1300,very nice DAC $2000,associated cables and miscellanea $200.
The best part is the pitch black background of the drivers. Really high quality stuff there, my third Philips after the L2 and the O'Neil and my second pair of A5s.
New Posts  All Forums: