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I don't like pretty much anything Audeze makes. I bought a pair, made a couple of comments about it being not for me and moved on. Continuous thread crapping gets tiring for everyone involved.
It's not the number of posts, but out of your 500 posts, Half of them are probably about how bad the Forte is.We get it, now move on. Even if your next 500 posts are about how bad the Forte is, it won't change anything.Irrespective of the number of posts, Jmills8 is a much better contributor because he actually talks sense.
On another note, I had an E5 and managed to get it sound brilliant with the ASG 2.5 and 1.5. Clean overall sound with just a hint of sibilance and explosive bass. Needs work though unlike say the Cayin C5 which is plug and play.
Might be interested in the Creative E5, vapman.
In like Flynn, my fourth Hifiman.
Judging from the current crop of Hifiman, that won't be happening anytime soon.
Yup, the newer versions simply dont have the body or the punch of the original. Its the equivalent of a Sodastream versus a chilled Coke, Coke wins everytime.
   Youre in deep TREBLE chiil!!
That's been taken care of.
Ehhhh.... I could tell you but I'd have to kill you....
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