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Getting both the Thinksounds next week. My third woodie after the JVCs.
The JVC S500 can be a real monster when amped properly. My Headstage Arrow 4G makes them really sing and the bass carries a solid punch too.
Under $100 would be Monster Npulse or JVC S500 with the Carbon Nanotube drivers in my opinion.
Biology lesson incoming. Coq, Your primal ancestors were the ones who won the evolutionary lottery, fought predators, disease and other competitors and survived. You are the product of a very unique ancestry,the most intelligent of all mammals yet,so dont let go of it.
No worries Magick, Happy Boxing Day to you too.
So we'll soon see a Schitt Slow Cooker.
A full house of electrostats.
Waiting for more information before getting the 50mm.
I would say they got an Electrostatic amp or a DAP in the mystery box.   And if its affordable, I would get the Estat amp.
Merry Christmas to everyone on the discovery thread.
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