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Hey Jens, wanna swap the JVC SZ2000 over the weekend. I am free everyday till next Thursday.
I have the Jh16 and the Geek Out 1000. Fantastic combo with almost 0 noise.
On the contrary, I feel that we will get better. The biggest empires collapsed when their time came and with people being more and more informed, they will crumble even quicker. The Romans lasted for 1500 years and subsequent empires have had a shorter and shorter life span. We shall be alright.
Those who say that "those who can't do, teach" usually won't last more than 5 minutes in a classroom. The amount of patience, a cool head and an extra long temper needed to teach someone what you do is astronomical. I tried teaching people, adults at that, to do my job and quit after a week. I hate to think what teaching kids and teenagers would be like.
Yup, that,s the one.   I actually had a few leftover opamps from my PB2 so got a bit mixed up.    
I have tried the  opamp you gave me and it sounds different for sure. The print on the opamp is too fine t read though I will try t see if I can get some info off it. In the middle of switching and swapping all the time, just cant make a decison
I don't know much about those but if they are a straight fit in the E12DIY, I will buy them off you.
Hi ClieOS, could I also participate in the pre soldered opamps. Looking forward to the OPA627 for the E12DIY.
  Apple has money to burn so even if they lose a few billion, they are not going to lose sleep over it. Now a startup or a small business trying to emulate them is silly.
OT but here goes: That is as wrong as an example you can get. AMC was bought out by Chrysler WHILE it was firmly in the black in 1987 and made a profit in all quarters plus the MJ/YJ Jeep was selling very strongly so it was standing firmly on its feet. They got bought out just like how Nash got bought out by Hudson to form AMC in the first place who in turn bought Kaiser to make Jeeps.  Chrysler really wanted the Grand Cherokee ZJ design made by AMC so they bought AMC for...
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