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N1 and NH1. The NH1 is an absolute looker. Great combo with the JH16.
Just picked up a second NIB 400. Dat Planar bass doe😊😊
Nope, bought the Sonys,fiddled with the EX800 and sold it to buy another ASG 2.5 just today. The XB90 is a plug and play Sony but the others need too much fiddling unlike the ASG. Current tally is 2 XB90EX, 2 ASG 2.5, 2 ASG 1.5 and one ASG-B. Powered off the Cayin C5 and the Creative E5.
It's not pointed towards you but towards someone else who has a habit of writing long passages which generally contribute nil to the thread.
This thread is just as big a ****show as the Fostex TH900 thread. I'll leave the worshippers of the BEST HEADPHONE EVAR!! alone.
3db is much more noticeable on headphones than speakers for obvious reasons.I have 0 problem differentiating on any of my headphones including the Nighthawks and the Fostex.
I own the TH900 too and the closed design definitely helps in matters of bass. The Nighthawk is more audiophile bass than basshead bass. I straddle both worlds and enjoy both my Planar wall of bass and the Nighthawks textured bass
Double the intensity would be very noticeable on the Nighthawk. It's not an Ety after all.
Listening to the Cayin C5 at the moment, can confirm musicality and amplifying muscle. Better than any Fiio in my opinion after owning the E12, E12DIY, E17, E18 et al.
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