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The Pono was pretty much finalised too before they went to crowd funding. Doesn't surprise me that a pre made product was delivered on schedule compared to products still in concept stages.
BTW I don't have any issues with their baby eating ways or any other ethical issues. I knew what I was getting into and lookup Yggdrassil by Schiit, which took almost 2 years to develop. Larry Ho is a great designer but not a magician that can just wish products into existence besides I have over 50 crowd funded products including valve amps, headphones, earphones, electrostats, home theater,watches etc so it's the nature of the beast. Pledging for the current Headfi...
Alfa's are now being built by Maserati and Fiat plants.
I have used their products and therefore the confidence. Only the Verb is not upto scratch but otherwise everything from LHLabs has been perfect. Others have had issues so I can't speak on their behalf and there's no shortage of naysayers/trolls and people with 0 experience of crowd funding either. BTW Currawong as per policy won't allow the sale of a product before you have actual possession so I will have to decline at the moment. Once received, let me know.
I remember you saying you would sell your Wave, so what concerns you regarding the aesthetics? Hope you remember I called dibs on it.
Don't underestimate human ingenuity. A Porsche 918 sounds fantastic, goes fast as stink and yet drinks less than a supercars 20 years ago.
Even Evolution ultimately states that a species succeeds the most when it helps it's members.
Nothing a bit of "Terror management theory" couldn't fix billybob.
I,m in for Tuesday too.
Your logic doesn't compute billybob, humans are natural too unless of course (Puts on tinfoil hat) we were dropped off by aliens.
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