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Hm.. That's too bad. Thanks for the swift reply.   I should mention that I have previously owned a pair of Klipsch Reference S4i's. The reason I'm on the lookout for new headphones is that I lost these on the plane. Looking for a bit of an upgrade.
I'm really having a tough time deciding and thought someone here might have a strong opinion. Let me know!   Sony EX650AP - $80   Focal Sphear - $150
  I've done some research, and so far, the Soundfreaq Soundkick looks like it has the best bang for the buck. Does anybody have any experience with this speaker? Does the sound sound "contained" (that's a bad thing), like it's in a box, similar to the Jawbone Jambox, or how would it compare to that speaker? Basically, I want to know if this is a good buy or not. The design of the speaker is also very important to me but not completely necessary.
Under $100.
  I'm thinking about setting up a sound system. I will send audio from my iPhone to some speakers via an Airport Express. If I buy some speakers like these: would I need an amp? If so what kind?
I just need something that would fill up the house with music and not a home theater setup. It would probably be pugged into an airport express (do I need an amp, too? if so, which one?). I don't know anything about this stuff, but I know good sound quality when I hear it.
The highest I'll go is $300. Any suggestions?
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