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 A pretty polarizing color IMHO...
Based on what I'm reading on the forums, the newer ones seem to be without the mid bass hump. If I'm not mistaken it was also a similar situation with the Senn IE8 and which its successor the IE80 addressed. Now I just need to get hold of a TF10 to complete my old skool collection :)
Just got my own pair of Westone 3's yesterday. Sweet sounding, its old but still good!!
Ordered a pair of VSD3 over the black friday sale from lendmeurears and received the IEM's today. Upon closer inspection I realized that they shipped me a pair of VSD3S, damn. I could understand how they could have made the mistake as it was only a smallish sticker denoting that it was a VSD3S on the packaging. Waiting for their response...
Just ordered a pair of VSD3's..now the wait begins. 
Just received my pair yesterday, still burning them in but they are sounding pretty sweet thus far. Female vocals are very clear and detailed, there does seem to be a bit of a hiss on certain songs but I'm hoping that goes away after the burn in. Highes and mid's are very clear and precise. Still not able to make a call on the sound stage but currently it seems small than my Silver Bullets but that may change with more burn in.   The bass on these babies are pretty...
Wish there was a deal for the brainwavz b2:rolleyes:
One thing I realized the past couple of months after trying on various different types of IEM's is that there are few if any IEM's are suite all types of music. So ultimately the best bet in my point of view is to buy a set that fits the genre of music you enjoy listening to. Would be ultimately easier to make a suggestion else the recommendation would be purely based on our own preference.    
I've collected a number of dynamic driver IEM's ranging from the Senn IE8's, Monster MDT's to Meelec M6, in fact thus far I think I've at least 7 IEM's. They are all dynamic drivers and I'm keen to buy myself a set of balanced armature IEM's. I would prefer either a dual or triple BA configuration, I would also think that I'm not ready to fork out for customs so looking for a universal set first.   I listen to quite a diverse range of music ranging from Classical to...
Thanks for the info Lee, Jeremy,   Indeed the warranty of the Sony's would be a potential sticking point. Although I read that the Sony's are pretty bulletproof but then again its always good to have that assurance that if problems occur, it wont be money down the toilet.  
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