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New Valhalla owner, about 40 hours on it now.  This is my first headphone rig, enjoying the experience tremendously.  The Valhalla is fed by an Oppo BDP-83SE and drives HD600's, this combination makes beautiful music together,  warm, detailed sound.  My only regret is not discovering this way of listening to music sooner!
Went back and re-read it, you're absolutely correct.  I have the O2 on my radar, that's sure an interesting blog to read.    
Thanks for the link, I will check it out.  I looked at the O2 but I don't believe it currently has inputs I could use with my Oppo.  Or did I read it wrong(highly likely).     
    Thanks for the comments NOs.  I haven't listened to my phones driven by an amp yet so I think that adding EQ is over my head at this point.  I appreciate the advice though. 
Well thank you, palmfish.  I have the Oppo connected to the Pio using the Mch in(I prefer these for SACD/DVD-A) and HDMI.   Once my Schiit arrives I'm planning on running the Oppo's 2 Ch outs directly to it.  I use the pre-outs from the Pio to an external amp to drive my speakers. Using the pre-outs on the Pio had an unexpected result, the pre-outs are always active.  When the phones are plugged into the HP jack on the Pio I still get sound going to my speakers.  I can't...
Hello, first time poster.  A little history, I got interested in putting together a headphone system  after browsing a thread on a different forum where members posted pics of their headphone rigs.  These ran the gamut from entry level to high end, it was interesting reading, a new world of audio I had not explored yet.  Then I came here and explored for a few weeks for some education.  Last week I found a set of lightly used HD 600's on CL and decided to take the...
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