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I am especially looking forward to plugging my Intruder into the new HE-1000's. If it can drive the HE-8's, I'm hoping the HE-1000's will be a cakewalk for the Intruder. Will post my thoughts when I get the HiFiMans.
Thank you kindly! I will try mine with the RSA Intruder as well as the Triad Audio and some others too. I will let you know. I hope to get mine quickly.
I just ordered these from Moon-Audio.com. Has anyone used these with a portable?
I have a drinking rocking chair. Cause I can't sit still with these things on sometimes!
I've bought a lot of stuff from Drew Baird at Moon Audio. He can make just about anything you want as far as length and I plan on getting these HE-1000s with one of his specialty cords. I like how he treats me and he's very helpful with advice. Bought a pre-amp for my TT and other non-head-fi related stuff from him too.     I have bought a lot from Frank at Toxic, namely a cord form y JH Roxanne's, but he'll be on vacation starting next week for the summer so I'd rather...
Do we know when these will be for sale yet?
Thank you kindly. 
What would be the best cable for the TH900?    I have the Copper Venom for my HD800s, and I love them more than most family members.    Is there a recent inventory list one can review? I think I got an email not too long ago, but of course I misplaced it. 
Hi, I have a WA6-SE too Can you tell me what SS you're thinking of getting? Also, which rectifier tubes do you like best? Thank you kindly.
Does anyone know if Jerry Harvey has released the terminations to Frank for the Roxanne's? That is my next cable and I badly want Frank to create one...
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