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Did you ever find one of these amps? I'm in the same situation,
These copper venoms changed my life! Thank you Frank!
I just got my HD800 Copper Venoms. Unbelievable sound. I could tell the difference immediately between the Copper Venoms and the Cardas I was using (because I knew Frank would take a while) right out of the package.   Hopefully, Frank will have the cables ready for the JH Roxanne before the Christmas....   I have the SWs for the JH16s and they are incredible.
Sold. I'm sorry. I just closed this listing.
General question: can people hear the music when you're listening to them? I tried these on at CanJam in Oct., they sounded great. But I don't remember if someone sitting next to you on an Amtrak can hear what your listening to or not. Thank you kindly.
Hi: Can you tell me if this is the Firestone you're selling with this? Thank you!
Looking to upgrade from my WA6-SE. Will pay cash. Thank you!
I don't think this is an entirely true conclusion, as the V2 has a Raytheon that they ran out of stock and then the Thomson, which IMHO was a fantastic tube. I bet the V4 - if there is such a product - will have a GE AF 6111A
James Cross   He's a good guy. Knows his stuff. Cheap prices too.
You can get backup Thompson 6111s as I did online. That is the best way to protect your investment. Love the V2 as it was the second amp I ever got and I sold it to get the V3. I love it.
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