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I will call them today. Great idea...!
Thank you very much, The Fed.   I just sold my Cayin C5DAC this week as I was not using it. Got the Chord Hugo and too many portables I'm not using.   Please let me know what you find out. I'm kind of frustrated with the Metrum Hex. I've bought everything mentioned here and no dice. I'll take pics later tomorrow or Wednesday to show how it is set up now.
So I got the Regen and the cable that Mike suggested. I'm still getting the SPIF Error. The Metrum required software to work via a CD -Rom. Is there an app I need to use with my iPhone or iPad to do the same? I'm kind of confused by this. Thanks again for your help.
And I forgot that I got the Regen too earlier this month. I've seen that they're not shipping out until late March. So I'll wait. Thank you again!
I just ordered the Elijah Konvertible Lite. I hope it works. Does this definitely work for you with the IOS > CCK > Hex?    And I'm going to use the Jitterbug that I have. as the SBooster VBus2 Isolater isn't available in the states.....
Thanks Mike. I got a TeraDac 5V. I have the USB (printer cable end) into the Metrum Hex doing a handshake with a Cardas USB. On the source side, the Cardas is connected to an Apple Camera Adapter going into my iPhone 6s. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly. Sal
This didn't work. I'm sad. I think it may be a *software* issue? See my components. [IMG][IMG]
thank you all for these helpful suggestions. I ordered the equipment this weekend. Will keep you posted.   Anyone here using these configurations with Apple TV to make it wireless to the DAC?
[IMG]I got them both. Thank you so much! I can't wait to use these. Just so you know this is the error message I would get.
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