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Been digging death/doom lately, some of the heaviest metal in existence, awesome stuff.    
Abandon - The Dead End   Anyone hear this? Possibly the most desperate, depressing, just downright evil sludge record ever, massive on 3xLPs and well.    
I'll listen to anything Wrest is involved with, awesome.   New Altar of Plagues video. Sounds much more Grindcore-influenced than previous albums, could do without the electronica crap as well, otherwise, I'm pretty excited for the album, even though it's supposed to be around 20 minutes long.
Yup, it's such a shame too, excellent band otherwise. They're doing a disservice to their music with that crap.
New Arckanum album announced, 2013 is looking to topple 2012 in my opinion. We should be getting a flood of more OSDM goodness as well, MMMMMMMMM   Also, not sure if it's OK to post, but Fanisk has released one of the best Black Metal albums I've heard this year, though they have ****ty NSBM ties, which is confusing since they're from PORTLAND.  
Just read your Sulphur Aeon review on Metal-fi, any idea if the brickwalling was carried over to the LP version? The snippets I've heard are fantastic but the brickwalling makes me a bit wary.
Loved this album when I first heard it. Usually not big on Epic Black Metal but this is incredibly well done.  
2013 seems to be a really good year for Brutal Death Metal. New Devourment, Wormed, Defeated Sanity, Craniotomy and Euphoric Defilement in just 3 months time. I'm not that big of a BDM fan but the new Wormed is just a real piece of work, absolutely adore it.   On top of that, really excited about the aforementioned Ruins of Beverast album. I loved Nagelfar and have loved everything Beverast has done since, very excited!
Botanist's new album is out now on bandcamp!!  
Dragged into Sunlight announced their followup to Hatred for Mankind on their facebook today, awesome. Widowmaker was an excellent interim release so I'm really looking forward to it.   MORE IMPORTANTLY, they also released a single track, collaboration with black metal/noise masters, Gnaw their Tongues, so the nastiest band and the most terrifying band come together, haha. HERE
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