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I always value others opinions or ideas regarding a subject I am about to decide.
I am at the brink of buying an ipod touch 5 for listening in my holiday times. But I am using an iphone 6+ as well. Do you think that it would be a worthy purchase or should I continue with my 6+ to listen music? (Headphones aren't a question. I have many different hps and iems as I am a reviewer)
Fascinated with my Ath-2, anybody willing to part with his Wharfedale isodynamic?
Hello guys. I am looking a cheap, cheapest dap for my amping project.  My rules are simple: it has to contain line out and it better be cheaper than 100 bucks.   Thanks for any help.
For sale is my unused headphone cable. Fits 2,5mm sockets that are He-1000, He-400s, Oppo PM3, PM2 etc.   Lifts the sound up to the sky and adds hologramic imaging if supplied with power :)     - Length: 5 ft.    - Termination: **NEW** Eidolic 1/4    - Zoetic Sleeve Option: Dark Red / Dark Grey   - Right / Left channel logo color selection: Red metallic (all)    - Splitter Heatshrink Logo Color: Red Metallic.    - Exotic Wood Splitter Type: Makassar Ebony   Buyer...
For sale: MINT Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 A>MINI B terminatinated cable. Will ship in it's original box. The certificate is included  Original photo isn't here but can take one or two. Shipping is on me, fee is on the buyer. Money needed. I am open to offers.
For sale is my Meridian Explorer. I am the second owner. It has no box (but will arrange proper protection and cable when shipping) Toslink hole is still protective covered. No obvious scratches on it's body. Functioning perfectly.   Shipping on me, fee is on the buyer.
Gain and DAC toggles count for EQ This proves their intention to build a hifi dap like much more expensive ones.
It does not have, yeah.It's not about my taste; it's about the VS in between ;) And thank God I have enough experience (began this hobby in 2012 and used zillions of pieces as I stated in my website or sig) to identify laid back from forward :D PS: Mine is a review sample and V1.0. So your daps that you'll buy should sound a little different than mine.
X2 EQ: None, FW: Last
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