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Really interested with this amp. But I must be sure of the following question: I used BM in my ancient history And was powering it via a 12v accumulator. Now I have neither BM nor accu. How am I going to set up that Anker powering this Capella? (May I establish this line: wall adapter to Anker, Anker to Capella?!)
X2 has a power output of 250mw for 32ohm while clip has only 30mw for 32ohm thus this makes x2 good for even entry and entry to mid headphones.
So, which is more "worth" their price: Dunu Titan or Ttpod t2?
Though I love my hp50, its NOT very light IMO. Yamaha hph200 is really like a feather comparing to hp50 :)
Oh no sarcasm I just wanted to announce my Sunday action as it may help people (like me, people wishing an amp bundled their x2)
Oh you are right. Will post "just amplified" results then
I hope I'll ve pairing this beauty with a Fiio e12 and jds labs C5 this Sunday. Will post my impressions then :)   ps: no need to tell about the results in "schiit magni2, modi2 uber and x2" combo as this is uber hillarious IMO
A quick sale (funds needed asap) ad in the name of a friend:   "Selling my Racoon Sg-300 dac/amp with PSVANE 12AT7-T Tube that is not burnt in. Reason of sale: Tube sound isn't for him (as I am told)  All the box contents will be sent as well as the original box"   note: as I, Tamirci, had seen the unit's condition and I can vouch for it. The only issue is the rattling noise in the power adapter. If you don't shake it you won't hear the sound :) A...
Any news for a Chinese brand tiny amp/amp-dac?   I am seeking hidden gems of such :)
I purchased it too!   Will compare with a friends original IE800 :)
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