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Selling my BNIB iems which I had bought for review purposes. Done the reviews and now selling them. Some eartips might be missing, beware. Please inquiry for the specific model to check its status.Free tracked shipping, you pay the fee. Soundmagic PL50: 40 usd Sony XBA-1: 40usd
Divided between purchasing an Ember or a Solstice.  Ember would be future proof for me but Solstice would be just enough for my Senn. hd650.
I have a Schiit Magni2 + Modi 2 uber combo at my office and it feeds the 650 enough IMO But at home I am using Matrix M-Stage hpa-1 and it seems that it's not enough.   I am thinking of a Schiit Asgard2. But what would you suggest instead of hpa-1? Price will be around 250 usd.
Just checking for a friend. He's going to get it sold but must see what is their worth.   Shipping on he, fee is on the buyer.   Awaiting PMs   Thanks
Is there an info or a news about the TOTL model? 
I think so. I had no problems though my head is a little large and sphere sized :)
PM sent.
Bough just to learn about the fuss as I do not need a portable amp :) Used for two hours.   Tracked shipping is on me, shipping is on the buyer.
    It arrived. I plugged the AWM130 into my main rig (Schiit Magni 2, Chord Vee 3 Chameleon, QLS Qa360) and SQ quickly rose up :) Well still not even a NAD hp50 but it has something to say now.And this got me thinking "what's the point of using a cheap headphone with a ~1000 usd setup?"I think I should quit this topic :/
I am using mine with a 64gb microsd.
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