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For sale is my GG mini to mini cable. Not used much. I am the second owner. Actual photo can be sent at request. 1m length. Box is present. Shipping on me, fee is on the buyer.
Open to offers!
Not all cables work. Due to their jacks and connector types. Audiquest Golden Gate is perfectly working at mine. And helped the bass, made it tighter. I think the only suitable type of aftermarket cables have an ending like this one.
What do I mean? I mean the usual algorithm in ways things get developed. Which product is developed as perfect from the beginning!? I think none. Thats why Xyz 2 is developed based upon feedbacks / shortcomings of Xyz 1. If there wasn't any flaws or neg. points or anything there wouldn't be Xyz 2
I was just about to buy Modi from Schiit but saw that they have v2 for usb. Do you think they'll release v2 of optical Modi?
Just asking to be sure; I have a dap that that optical-coax out. This means I can use this dap as transport to feed Optical Modi-Vali stack through optical, right?
Looking for Schiit Modi (optical and EU)   Offers are welcome.
thanks for the reply :) First a self criticism: Having a QLS qa360 had changed my music preferences dramatically! As if I have to listen slow and smooth stuff with this brick all the time :) (and same goes to file format dependance too. flac support is poor but as with wav, sky is the limit)   Back in my, good-old-dirty as I dub, iem-days, Ath im-02 and its midcentric sound was my favorite. 2nd fav. was (um3x killer?) TK Ba200. They were both dual armatures. Regarding...
I had given up iem side of this hobby with my Beyer t90 that will arrive within a month but why not having a backup iem? I have some questions first: a. Does this respond to burn-in? b. Does high power corrupt the sound? I have a qls qa360 as dap. And Schiit Vali as amp. Lets say I wanted to listen via 2V output of a360's line out? c. With all due respect, can you give a quick vs on Soundmagic pl50 and this Rock Jaw?
Weird stuff going on.. After gently nodded by a mod, something had happened to my account's usage of used section. I am opening a classifed but 3 days countdown is frozen. Or things I set as my signature does not show up properly. Or 3 days bump doesn't work as intended, doesn't bump properly.  Can anybody explain me why?   Using Chrome and MBA
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