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Anybody using this with e11k or e12? I'd like to know if it does improve anything. For eg. Nx1 didn't change anything over dx90. It was superior IMO
Selling my BNIB T-peos H300. Everything in box. Price is firm. Trade only for JVC HA-FX850   Free and tracked shipping all over the world. Fee is on the buyer.
I know they aren't in the same leauge but must know first: how is this when compared to dx90? Result will be the reason to drop my precciiiouuuss (gollum choring with me) which I use as dap and transport to feed my dac/amp via coax. Ps: I use a 12v accumulator to power that dac/amp. Beats the wall socket electricity. Strongly suggested
Looking to buy one in a week or two. Otherwise Fiio e12k will be bought.
Guys does it run as DAC on osx?   I tried for the first time (first booted as mano) but couldnt get it done. Osx does not see anything when I connect as dac. I know that because I am using AudioSwitcher and options didn't change after plugging to the mba.
Looking for anything that has card reading capacity and coax in. Transport they call it. But not some 500 bucks big fellas. It must be cheap as possible. Thanks.
Selling my three days old Hp200 to fund an urgent need.   Buyer will pay only the half of the free and tracked shipment Fee is on the buyer.
Thanks really helped! Strange because RB on dx90 yields more satisfactory (regarding improvement of SQ) results IMO than RB on dx50 (agressiveness of hp200's treble got tamed instantly)
Ending of the coiled part of a headphone cable is twisted as can be seen in the photo below. I really dont know how that became like this.   Guys how can I fix this?     
I can't download the RB firmware from Mega. Anybody has other links?
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