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What is the most expensive cable you are using with this and what is the effect?   I am considering to buy Furutech ihp-35 but not quiet sure they'll go well together.
Selling my Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1. It's in perfect condition.  D1 and a proper box will be sent when bought.   Shipment and fee is on the buyer.   ps: shipment will cost around 20 gbp across the EU and UK
I am selling my Nad Viso hp50 due to its unlistened time. I am really bored of this hobby. Inner box - carrying case and it's contents are intact. Outer box is lost. The only issue is a 1.5cm scratch at one side of the headband. Shipment and fee is on the buyer.
Will be expecting your impressions regarding this beauty... an ex owner :D    I had bought it, used it but didn't quite liked it.
I received it last week. And burnt it throughly. Owners of Takstar HI2050 should not be worried much as the difference (in terms of SQ) isn't great But if we go into detail: 2050 is more comfortable on my head but its cable ain't retractable plus its build is %50 aluminium %50 hard plastic while 9500 is solely plastic (save it's metal based head band)2050's box is like a gem container. 9500's is ordinary.9500 soundstage is not considerably wider or taller or deeper than...
Will Fulla and ipad air 2 work?   edit: learned that fulla would need a powered usb hub to work with it
One thing I know is this apps power! It boosted the pleasure of listening from my ipad :)
  It would be really unfair! Check their price tags :) An ex X2 owner (that is me) tells you that this not much different than X2 save its size of padding and material quality ;)
Can you please give us a link of it? 
Can't agree more :) 
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