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So when will be the winner declaration?
Selling my qls QA360. Buyer will receive its charging adapter, the device and its original box. Shipping and fee is on the buyer. Payment must be made with Western Union.
For sale is my BNIB Audioquest Vodka Toslink To Mini 1.5mt / 5' with its box. Shipping is on me, buyer pays the fee. Payment must be made with Western Union.
Looks really promising especially with  Lightning/USB Type-C/Micro USB versatility!   ps: shared your first post already  
Oh really? (I am serious) Then how can one communicate with them for a let's say review unit request or an issue to mention etc. Calling would be quite old fashioned. I had sent my email to that address an hour ago. I hope then reply.
Can you give me their email adress to contact? I had translated x3 into my language and it was included in its latest fw thus I may help convincing.
Can't find it now.
It will be impossible to compare if its tag will be around 150. As x3 is 100 usd, no point in comparing with a higher priced counterpart.
I am more interested than Fiio's and Shanling's new budget daps.   It would be delicious if it was priced around 100 bucks like X3 was.
Good box contents (thumbs up)   Thanks
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