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Mine was based upon it's specs but he drew a math pistol and shot me in the belly so I bent down Even though what math says, driving is different than mere numbers IMO (and as my experi3nce says)
I completely agree with you
Thumbs up!
I finally found the thread :)   Contacted Trevor, answered his lengthy questions and he offered me to select Zoetic for my 400s.   Will share my thoughts in a month or two.
Respect..I am not capable of such calculations. Then I'll withdraw my comments.Magni 2 is more than capable for He400s.
Out hobby is subjective mostly yeah. But in my technical knowledge; if you don't push the throttle (and drive at 60mph maximum) of an e.g. Porche Carrera you can't have a fast car. If you don't supply a hp which craves for Ws, then it's the same! You'll just have a plain standart "good sounding" headphone. As more fuel is needed for an engine to see its true potential, more W's are needed for a headphone to see it's potential, expecially if it has a top power level of 4W
 Please don't confuse loudness with "driving". First is what you have experienced but the latter does mean to fully hear the headphones capability. While I was using Magni 2 and Sennheiser hd650 11 o'clock was my last safe point too :) But you had to hear it after connecting to a powerful amp that could give out many W's at 300 ohm level ;)
I am telling this because 400s has a power input of 4W*. Being a planar magnet one could see it coming :) Magni 2 is powerful yeah. But not something to feed 400s fully. It can only supply about 1/3 of the power 400s can handle. * I asked HIHIman directly and this was their answer.
I used to have a stack of Modi 2 uber and Magni 2 and pairing was almost perfect for X2 or Senn. Hd650.   But I can't say the same for 400s as these are planar magnetic hps and they want MUCH more than Magni 2 can give.
How can I keep this on and running without obscuring the usb input at the back?
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