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Today's prank will be tomorrow's reality! There probably will be an AK480 and it will have those specs, but maybe not at that price!
Any details on how I go about buying my lottery ticket??
Hey Expat,   Good to see you're still hanging around! @ANDEROAN wanted to buy my cable but I sold the Fostex with the cable. He may still be interested in buying a cable from you?
 haha so who's up for a beer? 
 I get you entirely and agree with you. I always use the age old and well tested home audio strategy when it comes to cables. Spent approx 10-20% of the price of the entire system on cables (roughly). Having a formula like this or similar hasn't hasn't ever let me down. Definitely agree that digital cable is the last upgrade you should do, focus on all other aspects first, including analogue cables, digital cable last and only if you are looking for that last few...
You are welcome!  Then you probably will hear a difference! Especially if you go with an external amplifier later on and use the HP-P1 as a DAC only. It seems to amplify the differences! haha.
 Let me explain by way of a fictional analogy: If you had a Ferrari 458 and asked whether it mattered if you upgraded from Pirelli P Zero stock tyres to the new Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres, the answer would be yes, you'd gain 0.5 secs a lap at the Nurburgring which is not a small amount of time for a Ferrari on race day. If you then asked if the Pirelli P Zero Corsa's will make a difference over the Stock P Zero Tyres on your Toyota Corolla, then the answer is don't waste...
Nice watch! Good luck!
  Thanks Dan, I wrote this a couple of posts afterwards: Quote:Originally Posted by Lillee Excellent my vote has been cast! I sincerely hope you win Dan! Good luck
Excellent my vote has been cast! I sincerely hope you win Dan! Good luck
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