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 Well its not the most comfortable (as with any circumaural) but it works just fine. If you have glasses that have thick arms like Rayban Wayfarers its less comfortable than thin wire arms like Rayban Aviators. The pads are soft enough to not bee too much of a problem
Quick update, after some long listening sessions, I have settled on one dot per side for a perfectly balanced setup using V200 V800 setup. Two dots was too much on what is already a warmish setup. Made it too dark and stale. May even revert back to no dots later out of curiosity...   So far loving it! Getting lost in the music   Laptop > M2Tech HiFace2 via WASAPI > V800 > V200 > Alpha Primes = Happy Days!
 Where are you located in Sydney? You're more than welcome to hear my setup...
Similar to Double Helix Cables, but I made them myself. Mine are copper, 2 cables per channel (total 8), individually cotton wrapped, carbon fibre wrapped, mylar film insulated, Copper braid insulated, and finally silk cable sleeve. Cardas solder, Double Helix 6.3. They sound great even if I do say so myself :)
My pair has finally arrived! Listening now through Violectric V200 V800 stack and they sound superb right out of the box! Well done "Head master" Dan! Significant upgrade to Alphas and well worth it in my book. Thanks for the tunings dots, nice touch but to my ears they are not needed, the frequency range is perfect!  
Yippee! That's me! Thanks Dan! I expected December 8th but it's going to be a whole month early! 
 I wasn't referring to sound signature at all. Simply put, if your amp cannot at least output 750mW (give or take) bare minimum at the ohms for your magnetic planar earphones (50 Ohm for Alpha Dogs) then there isn't enough power to sufficiently drive them. Here's what Audeze has to say, they recommend 1W  It's not just about loudness, as some amps with small wattage can play music loudly @ 50ohms but a 350mW amp...
 It's something to do it "grip and control". Loudness doesn't mean that that the amp has wads of power to grab the earphones and wring every last drop from them. Especially true with magnetic planar. I noticed a big difference between about 500mW per channel and 2W per channel. Both were ear piercingly loud, but only one had the grip and control to really make the bass go wow.
Thanks for the review john57! I have been thinking seriously about LCD3 or HE560 as an upgrade/side grade to Alpha Dogs, so the timing of the release for AP's was extremely good indeed!
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