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So I looked all over my house for my pair of SHE3590 to go running with today. I gave up, went to get my clothes out the dryer, and out they popped. The cable strain reliefs became detached (I'll just superglue it back) but they're otherwise fine. Sound quality seems to be unaffected. Pleasantly surprised at how durable these are!
First owner. I bought these last summer and used them on and off for a few months. They don't fit my small ears that well, so they've been sitting around unused since October because I've been too lazy to sell them. They're in good condition and come with the original box (there's a dent on it. It was like that when I received it) and all the accessories and tips (never used them).   The only problem is the black cable which is cutting out at the 3.5mm end. The red cable...
The whole barrel/cylinder is the ground point.
I can confirm that the 2.5mm OD, 0.7mm ID DC connectors I posted before are the correct size that T-PEOS uses. It's the exact same fit. I made a cable out of them to replace my dying stock black cable. I don't have any fancy connector barrels, so heatshrink tubing will have to do.    
 You're talking about the stock cables' plugs, right? I don't see how they're 3mm thick. Here's what I'm seeing:  And here's a 3.5mm plug to show the scale is accurate:  No matter how I look at it, it looks closer to 2.5mm.
I'm only estimating it on a millimeter scale ruler.
 These 2.5mm OD, 0.7mm ID ones appear to be correct from what I can tell. The length is longer, but that can easily be worked around. I went ahead and bought some. I'll try to make a cable out of them and will you guys know if it works out.
My stock black cable is already going out after a few months . Bending the cable at the 3.5mm plug end in the wrong way even slightly cuts out audio to the right earpiece. Could I get a replacement cable under warranty?
I'd love to get those connectors to make my own cable. Anyone know what they're called?
Wow, that was some fast shipping from Singapore to Texas. 7 days flat including the weekend. I was expecting longer than that with regular Registered Airmail. Props to Mellow Works Studio. Looks like the package was opened by customs though and the box got a small dent. No big deal.   I've only tried out the H-200 for an hour, but they're already a keeper. Fit is not an issue for me. A bit finicky to get in, but it's quite secure once they are. I have no business...
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