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Hi everyone, I am looking to buy the Astell & Kern AK100 MK2 (I am specifically looking for one with RW mod since it will help with my CIEMs) . I am looking for the MK2 specifically because I need a DAP with relatively low impedance and the MK2 has one of 3ohms vs 22ohms on the original AK100. So I you are looking to sell your AK100 MK2, let me know. Regarding shipping, I am based on the west coast of Canada, but have family in Europe too, if shipping to Canada is a...
I have come to a dilema. I can't decided between the Westone UM3x or the Westone 3. Basically I listen to classic rock and alternative music. Queen, Kiss, Muse, The Who, Aerosmith....ect.... I was wondering that what would sound better with an amp and/or if these headphones even require an amp to get their true colours shinning? 
Hey what do you guys think about the UM3x vs the W3 as on earphone solutions the W3 is $350 or $30 more then the current price of the UM3x offered to me? Better or worse when it comes to Rock music and casual listening, EG: not using them live on stage primary use at home, or during travel. So they must be quite noise isolating. 
Quite new, he had them for 3 months and then got the W4 as a graduation gift. So I believe that they are in good condition.
Thanks for the help! It will be very useful when I fully decide. But for  now, would you have any recommendations for any other headphone brand that might be more suited to rock in a similar price point. Or are the Westones really that good?
No, I can consider then, but then again their price is fairly greater than what I am currently ready to give. I would like to try out some lower class Westones (EG: the UM3x, UM2, or W2) before I fully commit. I might sell the headphones later and but the W3 or W4.
Sorry, the person that is offering to sell me his UM3x is a friend and I have had a bad experience buying used online (not here on Head-fi). My friend has upgraded to a W4rc and is selling his old UM3x headphones. For the moment he is holding them for me. Also the reason i can't try them out at his place is because I moved to a different country (Czech Republic) while he stayed in Canada.    But thanks for the tip anyway
    Thanks for the reply! I really don't know. I heard that the W2 is both lighter and has a larger soundstage and from listening to my Grados all day that seems to be a plus. But then again I never listened to headphones like the UM3x or UM2. What is the more intimate soundstage comparable to? EG: feeling like you are in the front of the audience at a convert or, as if the music is being projected into your head. With the UM3x and the UM2 can you distinguish between...
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