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Gold shields aren't double...? When I got my zelda shields they were $10 extra than the other shields, but def not double for engravings. For without engravings it should be the same price... hmmm
Every once in awhile I poke my head around jpop, although I haven't really done too much recently. But I did do a bit of poking around now because JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is getting a fantastic adaption, and I found something pretty excellent.  
Jesus Christ you seriously decked out your M-100's. Bravo, good sir.     And yeah, my carabiner strap is the one flaw to my whole package really. Slight tear and it bugs me out.
Pffft, kids these days, they just don't know quality and style when they see it.
Funny you should mention video game soundtracks. Actually I was perusing through the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword OST, and while it doesn't have the general flair of the older koji kondo stuff, some of the stuff really does sound fantastic, and I thought this in particular was really neat through the M-100's.  
To me the M-100's tread a fine line between being not emphasized compared to the bass and a tad laid back, but I really don't have any complaints about it.   Having tried out the TMA-1's at a local best buy, I can say that while there's much more bass emphasis, it's not nearly as clean as the bass on the M-100's, and it doesn't have the same quality to it.
The mids on the TMA-1's iirc are incredibly recessed. Much more of a bass emphasis. Very dark. The M-100's also have a bass emphasis but the mids are placed just very slightly back to my ears, although YMMV
No idea on the first thing, although really the first one will just depend on your ear size. The boom mic and coil cable have supposedly been retooled, so you can expect those up again soon on the website. I think XL size earpads are in development too iirc
Do you stick the earwax underneath your earpads?
+2!   I know the mids are a bit recessed, but that comes with the enhanced bass. But what y'all describe doesn't sound anything like what I've heard. They're only a tad recessed, and they're more than acceptable for most genres.    I'm still convinced that fit plays a big role in how you'll enjoy these headphones, as everyone I've shown these to has commented on how well they fit as well as the sound, while those making note of how overpowering the bass is also note that...
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