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Saw a guy with Grado SR80's on the bus from Hammersmith.
Of Mice and Men
 Great idea. I think name and username, I've always wanted to be listed somewhere with an 'a.k.a.'   
 London and Cambridge are pretty far apart, but its not too hard a journey. Less than 2 hours from Kings Cross or London Liverpool Street to Bar Hill.
There was an endurance cyclist called Mark Who prefered his sound signatures dark He tried HF2's But he just couldn't choose Audiophilia's no walk in the park
Stone Sour
 (the) Smiths
 "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire" - Queens of the Stone Age
 I have a couple of interesting stories, but lets go with this one for now. Its probably not even that interesting.  So I was a university fresher at the time (that's a first year for all you Americans), in a university in London. My university has a lot of international exchange students, and I happened to find one with amazingly blue eyes and multicoloured hair just after easter. She was an interesting character, she was from one of the Southern states, I think maybe...
Has anyone else had a date that went so badly that they nearly ended up getting bottled by the other party's flatmates at another night out? Because that's always fun....
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