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Stone Sour
 (the) Smiths
 "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire" - Queens of the Stone Age
 I have a couple of interesting stories, but lets go with this one for now. Its probably not even that interesting.  So I was a university fresher at the time (that's a first year for all you Americans), in a university in London. My university has a lot of international exchange students, and I happened to find one with amazingly blue eyes and multicoloured hair just after easter. She was an interesting character, she was from one of the Southern states, I think maybe...
Has anyone else had a date that went so badly that they nearly ended up getting bottled by the other party's flatmates at another night out? Because that's always fun....
 True Tiger
 "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" - The Killers
Isn't it Midnight - Fleetwood Mac
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