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I've always ran mine on the computer..still nothing like the real system though. I still have 2 of my SNES systems but im pretty sure all my games got stolen since i cant find any of them O_o
I think i gotta break out the emulators :D wanting to play these games now lol I've never really checked out the super metroid mods i might have to look into that now. A few times i've fallen asleep while playing...and was still playing great way to level up :) There was this mod for Phantasy Star 4 for sega called purgatory mode. I spent 3 hours leveling on the beginning area and every time more than 1 monster showed up they killed my entire team.
Seiken Denetsu was an awesome game :D i did like 7th saga...its a pain though lots of monsters and some of them level with you also and for some reason they always kick your butt. Ys 3 Wanderers from Ys was a good also that one was a side scroll action rpg...kinda short though
hmm google would probably be best for pics. It was mostly a puzzle game the boss fights kinda reminded of the zelda games once you knew what to do it was easy. I never got that far in it cause it wasnt that great of a game :P The hardest game ive ever played on SNES was 7th saga omg that thing was a grind fest and then some.
It was pretty scary lol but yeah ive played that :) was one of the harder games for me on the SNES if i remember right. I did love the lil spirit things from the gems you can have fight with you though
Not sure if there was O_o. I know there was a NES version of it though...wasnt as good
Lunatica - New Shores
When i was growing up we were...well off :P so i remember having like 3 SNES systems and at least 100+games for it. Ive played and beaten most of the rpgs that came out for it. My favorites were Final fantasy 2, Lufia 2 and Chrono trigger :D I think the ninja game you are talking about was called Super ninja boy...not 100% sure but thats the only one i can think of that was a ninja rpg game
I did the ear plug thing with my cx 300s and they were alot better for me than the silicone tips...but i gave then to my little sister when she moved lol
I think ill skip this after reading those reviews O_o I'll stick to making tips from ear plugs :P
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