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I'm in the United States. I'm not sure an international trade would really be worthwhile. Sorry about that.
I love the sound of these ATH-A900x headphones. Unfortunately, I'm not so in love with the fit, so much so that I never use them. I'm interested in trading for another closed set of headphones - possibly something by Beyerdynamic like the 770s or 880s. Send offers my way and I'll consider them.   These are in immaculate condition. I take good care of my things and would expect the trade to be for something equally well cared for.   I'll post pictures this evening.
Kevin,   Thank you for replying. I did see and read this file. What leaves doubt in my mind about which one to use is I use the microstreamer with my computer and I'd like to use it with a portable device like an iPod. The documentation here doesn't really provide much information about which would be the better choice.   The microstreamer is a fantastic product, BTW. I'm really impressed with the sound!
With all due respect, the instructions are for Windows machines and there are only explanations for a few updates, none of them for the microstreamer. 
My new microstreamer arrived less than 90 minutes ago. Some quick impressions: 1. This thing is tiny! I was expecting something about the size of an iPod, but this is closer to the size of a box of matches. I'm actually really happy about this. 2. Sound is really really good. Considering this is in the price bracket of a FiiO E17, the microstreamer is a steal (if you are okay with USB). Head and shoulders over the E17 (and does not share a name with either an East London...
I heard back from Emotiva. They recommend using a different cable (under 6 feet long) and trying a different USB port. I've tried a few different cables, but haven't had any luck. I haven't tried a different port yet. Still, this has not happened with any other DAC I've owned.
Well, I've contacted Emotiva. I'll post back here if I find anything out.
If this is a response to me, I am using a Mac. The problem is that the connection won't resume properly if the computer goes to sleep or is restarted.
I don't know if this solves your problem or not, but I've found that if I turn off the XDA-2, unplug the USB cable from the computer, turn the XDA-2 back on, and then plug the USB cable back in, it goes back to normal. I've emailed Emotiva about this, but haven't heard back yet. It's seriously irritating!
The Dacport lx isn't an amp at all, it's a dac. The Dacport is an amp/dac. I guess it depends what you mean by portable. For me, portable means I can at least throw it in my bag and hook it up to my laptop when I sit down. Then there are grades of portability.. Sorry this came out a little more directly than I meant to be. I'm not a member of the definition brigade, I am writing from my phone.
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