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I'm definitely excited about this for once. Has pricing been determined yet?     Will definitely pass by your table with "all" of my headphones, and will plug all of them into this portable device... if you don't mind. 
 Yeah, he does. There's a DIY section at the very end of the data sheets page:http://www.innerfidelity.com/headphone-data-sheet-downloads But on that note, Tyll wanted my pair for a different angle. I think he wanted to review the Z7 as a potential modder's headphone. Unfortunately, I think I failed to provide the level of change necessary for him to conclusively say anything positive at all. I guess that's understandable, as my goal was simply to make the Z7 sound cleaner...
Just be warned stock Z7 is quite the thick and dark headphone. I'd even say the stock LCD-2 sounds cleaner and clearer...
 Some LCD-2s have been known to go bad over time, so... actually, being pre-owned and even burned in would increase the likelihood of it being a bad pair. It was a QC nightmare for Audeze, and the LCD-3 got it even worse. You can still see people moaning about dead LCD-3 drivers today. And yeah... it's bad enough that eventually, the driver would just "die" rather than stopping at "going bad". But anyway, that's a story for another thread. I'd say... if you like the...
You must have either heard a bad LCD-2 (not surprising given Audeze had some quality control issues), or heard it out of a bad amp. A good LCD-2, properly driven, is simply a different presentation than the HD800. There's a reason why those two traded blows for years. D7000 or TH900 is good as far as closed headphones go, but I don't think they can match the performance of a good LCD-2. In fact, only a good LCD-3 can exceed the performance of a good LCD-2 IMO.
 You're pretty much staring a LCD-3 (non-fazor) in the face. Or a modded LCD-2 rev.2... I think Sony Z7, Denon D7000, TH900, etc... even Audeze's new fancy LCD-XC, are all below the LCD-2 in terms of performance. Either the treble is overdone, or not quite enough (in Z7's case). Even modded, my Z7 doesn't quite get to the same level of performance as my LCD-2 rev.2.
You should bring anything you can... provided it's wearable or pocketable in some way. That way, you can check people's gears (DAC, amps) out, and you may also be able to get a feel for others' headphones in comparison to yours.
 Also according to science, that cloud is about a kilometer across. That's approximately over 100 elephants, or over 500 grown men lying down, in just length. They are assuming that for all dimensions, so technically, you're looking at approximate volume of over 1 million elephants. 100 elephants worth of weight in an area occupied by 1 million elephants? That's like... 10,000 times lighter than an average elephant.
Yeah, indeed.   I guess we were really talking about different things after all, so there's no need to push it any further along.  
Uh, no.What I mean is that the HE-6 is faster, so its bass "snaps" rather than "slams". That means it sounds like a whip versus the HE-560, which sounds like a rubber ball.A whip doesn't sound like it has "body" IMO. Or else we may just be talking about different definitions of "body".To me, "body" means "fullness", or a sense of solidity, or density. This doesn't necessarily mean "weight". Both the HE-560 and HE-6, IMO, can convey "weight", with the HE-6 being able to...
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