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 Well, here's a short article that I think... says it all: Basically: following the standard waveform so closely may not be ideal as... realistically, sounds don't have a small "ring" before they play in real life, whereas with conventional DAC and headphone amp designs, such is the nature of the signal our devices are fed. Different amplifiers may have the same equally flat frequency response graphs......
 Oops! Skimping is not good! Please note we were talking about the HD600.  Seriously, once I get them, I'll be doing some very extensive comparisons to my HE-560. To me, the HE-560 is the best non-SR-009 headphone, and it is also miles better than the HD800 at pretty much everything except for a very narrow section of the treble band. And I think I may have just the right remedy for that. So the Z7 will have some serious pre-conditioned bias to go up against.
Well, since you asked for leakage, I found these video clips...   So I would expect leakage to be quite bad, though probably not on the same level as fully open back cans.  Hm, so the Z7 is brighter than the HD600? That's the part I'm most concerned about. But it's good to hear bass is above HD600, and so is comfort.
 Hm... if you don't mind me asking, how would you compare the Sony Z7 to the Sennheiser HD600?
Well, that's the problem there.   I can't quite figure out if they're using 3-pole plugs because it's cheaper to re-use the 3-pole connectors they already have in stock from making all those devices (PHA-1/2, Walkmans, phones, etc...) instead of ordering separate mono 3.5mm connectors which... almost nobody uses anymore (seriously!)...   Or if because all 3 poles are used and that the ground reference pole is for something else!     Anyhow, I heard from some...
Yeah, I guess it's not quite close in principle, but I thought the effect would be quite similar.   Well, if that's out, then I won't have to attempt it.   The HE-560 is indeed perfect everywhere, except for the treble range IMO.   If it could be smoother, it would be the perfect headphone.
I could just measure the impedance from one pole to another to figure out which ones need to be which. Usually with headphones in balanced configuration, the ground pin can be left out since most headphone drivers only need 2 poles, and those 2 poles are interchangeable so they could be... well, anything. So if I can see an impedance with 2 of the poles, then that means they are either the + or - poles (they should be interchangeable), and then the other one would be...
Yeah, that's always the case. But if you have a ring right in front of the driver that has a very specific size, I don't think it'll have that much of an impact.   It's the same principle as Anax mods on the HD800 after all.
 Oh yeah, they are 3-pole.  So dual 3-pole 3.5mm to either dual 3-pin XLR or 4-pin XLR connector then. I smell an adapter box now rather than just a simple plug... but ah well.
 Oh, you mean... I should do it? Hmm... I could. But... hmm... well, I guess no harm in that. My DIY amp could be tuned by other headphones. Placing an order for some Beyer foam dishes now. I find those just the right size to mess with.
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