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Yeah, I have tried a lot of things to see if I could remove that dip. I think it's an effect of the enclosure being closed back, and that right there is the frequency at which the reflecting backwave from the driver cancels out a part of the wave in front. Acoustic foam helps move the dip up or down, but that also drops bass because the driver isn't getting pressurized in the back, and the front is more pressurized, impeaching diaphragm excursion.   A new semi-open...
 Welcome! Man... we're kinda full, but I'll put you on the queue and see what we can do. You may change your mind after you hear my modded LCD-2.  ---- So... some folks have contacted me regarding this, and it seems like a few of our members would like to put some of their gears up for sale at the meet. I'll collect a list of that soon. I may also let go of some of my modded headphones, too. But I haven't decided yet. 
And... here's the moment you've been waiting for: a real way to noticeably reduce the treble of the DT770 (and may also apply to many other headphones).   What you'll need: Bounty Paper Towel. Specifically, this kind: http://www.amazon.com/Bounty-Paper-Towels-Prints-Count/dp/B00I4F1W78/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1428367432&sr=8-2&keywords=bounty+paper+towel   (note: it has to be exactly this kind. No other kind of napkin or tissue I have tried would work)   Felt: (any...
 Yep, it's my modded pair. If it's not too much trouble, you should bring your stock pair to compare.  Sure! I've put you on the wait list.  Sure thing!  If it's not too much trouble, please do! 
 Haha, you're like our Oppo rep here. And if you want something shiny, try Mr. Speakers' Ether! I must admit... I liked that one quite a bit!  Hey, it'll be good to see you again! Man, we're filling up!
Yeah, you bet! Let me take some photos, and then I'll post some instructions, plus measurements (gotta be scientific, haha). I had CanJam to be my test bench, and everyone at CanJam, including DT770 owners, could notice the difference.
 Awesome! Glad you're still with us!   Oh no! Sorry to hear about that! I hope you'll get the chance to try the Code-X out this July. It's truly a great headphone!  Great! Will upgrade gear list. Since this is close to home, I guess I'll bring my DIY amp again. Will work on its power supply section more to eliminate noise and other issues. Right now it's a bit finicky (impedance-wise) with dynamic headphones, but it's awesome for planars.
 That's great, Doug! I missed out on the PM3, so this may be my chance after all!  It'll be a morning/afternoon event. 9AM to 4PM.  Haha, I know the feeling, right? I'm almost inclined to give my spot to someone, but since I have to be there to organize things and hand out badges and all...  There's always the July meet. Though I get the feeling this mini meet will probably have some of the best gears around. On the list already are the best amp/DAC setup that I have ever...
 Oh, that's too bad. But it's fine.  Well, just bring something you're familiar with so you can compare, right? Welcome aboard!  Sure! I suspect someone will drop out due to the date, so... I'll just note in there that you have a +1.
 It's cool! I'll keep the thread running right up the day of the event, so if you find out you can't participate, you can opt out any time. But would love to have you with us! I've been dying to hear WES myself.  Haha, I know the feeling!  Anyway, I liked both! Sound-wise, Carbon more than Silicon, but I like the versatility and size advantage of Silicon. It'd be used to drive my MDR-Z7 most of the time anyway. So... not a lot of power needed. As the Silicon is not...
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