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Actually, Justin, please take me off the list for LCD-2.   I'll be attending the SF Bay Area meet next week, so I can audition the LCD-2 again there.   I'll send you a PM to confirm that as well.   ----   This should hopefully push the LCD-2 list along. :)
  It's actually just quantity.   If you want to know what can hit 10, I've auditioned the D5000, LCD-2, HE-400, and the likes... though those are outside of the price range ($300) of the OP.
  I think you'd be surprised...   Anyway, here are cans I have actually heard, and some I do own   Audio Technica ESW9A: (do own this one, and by the way, this is a genuine pair. I know there are fake ones out there)   Pros: liquid, lush, smooth sound signature, almost tube-like, midrange emphasis, vocals sound way too good on these to be true (seriously), doesn't need an amp at all Cons: not too good bass (weak and a bit congested, on a scale from 1 to 10, it's about...
  I didn't mean to say I had a HE-400, but that I find it weird that anyone serious about bass doesn't already own one of those cans.   And if they already did, I'd think overall sound refinement should be top priority.
Same here. I don't use it much because my ears can't take all that pressure after 30 minutes. It's fun to test, but my headphones would probably deform my ears before long.   I can fathom using it for something like the ATH-M50, though.
Honestly, if you were somewhere close to me, I'd lend you my E12, and then you'd know why some people don't want the current bass boost to change.   E12 with current bass boost on is head-rattling and headache inducing already.   Then again, I guess not all of us have HE-400... or equivalence. And it's obvious some folks want to amp $100 headphones to match $300 headphones.   Not to sound smug, of course, but I honestly think E12 coupled with a very...
I'm actually glad I bought the E12 before the bass boost change.   Boosting closer to E11 will bleed a bit into midrange (~450Hz), and I don't think that's acceptable. E12 is just borderlining on warm enough for me.
  No problem. I'll be attending the SF Bay Area meet in 2 weeks. There should be at least one O2, and some other portable amps there. Plus more headphones. I'll write up more comparisons after the meet then.
  It's not hard to get them off (once you've done it a couple of times, that is), but it's quite hard to put them on.   Anyway, if you're able to attend the SF Bay Area meet that's happening the Sunday after this one, then I can let you try on my pair. See if you'll like the ear pads?   I suspect that you'll like the Fiio E12 more, though. Dang, I'm now inclined to believe the ES10 really needs quite a bit of amping power to shine.
  Yeah, I got 14 hours on the first run (~50% volume), too. But just to say... if I ever run out of battery (because I forgot to charge last night), then I can always use an external battery to charge while listening without significantly degrading sound quality. Plugging E12 directly into my MacBook or laptop (tested with a Vaio TZ) still creates unpleasant noise and distortion, so I think an external battery is about the only way to do it.   Also, I may have to use E12...
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