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 Haha, you're like our Oppo rep here. And if you want something shiny, try Mr. Speakers' Ether! I must admit... I liked that one quite a bit!  Hey, it'll be good to see you again! Man, we're filling up!
Yeah, you bet! Let me take some photos, and then I'll post some instructions, plus measurements (gotta be scientific, haha). I had CanJam to be my test bench, and everyone at CanJam, including DT770 owners, could notice the difference.
 Awesome! Glad you're still with us!   Oh no! Sorry to hear about that! I hope you'll get the chance to try the Code-X out this July. It's truly a great headphone!  Great! Will upgrade gear list. Since this is close to home, I guess I'll bring my DIY amp again. Will work on its power supply section more to eliminate noise and other issues. Right now it's a bit finicky (impedance-wise) with dynamic headphones, but it's awesome for planars.
 That's great, Doug! I missed out on the PM3, so this may be my chance after all!  It'll be a morning/afternoon event. 9AM to 4PM.  Haha, I know the feeling, right? I'm almost inclined to give my spot to someone, but since I have to be there to organize things and hand out badges and all...  There's always the July meet. Though I get the feeling this mini meet will probably have some of the best gears around. On the list already are the best amp/DAC setup that I have ever...
 Oh, that's too bad. But it's fine.  Well, just bring something you're familiar with so you can compare, right? Welcome aboard!  Sure! I suspect someone will drop out due to the date, so... I'll just note in there that you have a +1.
 It's cool! I'll keep the thread running right up the day of the event, so if you find out you can't participate, you can opt out any time. But would love to have you with us! I've been dying to hear WES myself.  Haha, I know the feeling!  Anyway, I liked both! Sound-wise, Carbon more than Silicon, but I like the versatility and size advantage of Silicon. It'd be used to drive my MDR-Z7 most of the time anyway. So... not a lot of power needed. As the Silicon is not...
 Haha, I knew you'd love the idea.  But wait, how do you know it isn't all an elaborate plot in order for me to secretly swipe one of those Cavalli prototypes that you'll be bringing?  LOL Just kidding. Honestly, I was about to ask Cavalli to send us one of his prototypes. You saved me the trouble, man! I honestly think he did a fantastic job on them! Anyway, thread title updated to reflect the fact that this is an after party for us all, as more than half the attendees...
And another one joins the fray. It's good to have you with us, sir! Honestly, I feel like this is shaping up to be more and more like a "CanJam after-party" for us.  
 I know you were too busy, so I called this together for the geeks who had to run around CanJam too much to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other's companies. Plus check out gears! I think that's how it should go for most of us.  I'm also dabbling in trying to organize meets like these more so next time, I can give you a helping hand. Every time I saw you at CanJam, you looked totally like you're just stopping to fill your lungs for air!! Your face pretty much told me how...
 Oops... sorry about that. May 2nd was chosen already... as that's the date that works best for most folks, including me.  It's like... 4 weeks from now, so I hope you can still make arrangements to come join us?  Awesome! Glad to have you with us, man!  I'm curious what these new headphones are. A Lyr setup is really nothing to scoff at. 
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