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Well, if you're looking for a desktop amp, Bottlehead Crack IMO is a very safe (and excellent choice) for anything under $500.   Above $500, Woo Audio WA7 is an excellent choice. Plus it has a very good DAC built in.   Another good choice for around $500 is the ALO Pan Am... though you may want to spend a bit more for a tube upgrade for that one.
Well, I have a pair of DT770 32 Ohm that I opened up and attempted to dampen to death and back.   Pretty much just the same drivers as the DT880, I guess, so the dampening principles should apply the same way.   I have a meet with some Head-Fi'ers this weekend. If they confirm the sound of the DT770 to be what I think it is, then I'll release instructions on how to reproduce the same modifications.
 Well, I mentioned the HD800...  And another headphone to watch out for classical is the Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X. It's too bad that the DT880 was made to maximize profits, and Beyer pretty much abandoned their old drivers when they moved to the Tesla range. I have heard the potential of the old dynamic drivers, and I know it has the spunk to do what you are claiming it can... provided it was dampened properly.
 Except for Stax and... well, a lot of Orthodynamic headphones, and the HD800...  Don't get me wrong, the DT880 is a very good headphone as it is, and also at the respective price range. But I respectfully disagree that the stock DT880 can compete with anything above the $1500 price range. We now have a wider selection of very good headphones at that price range and even below. I think the DT880 would be good up to about $500... but beyond that, it faces stiff competition...
 Awww... well, I hope I'll see you again sometime in Winter. There's still the July meet for you to demo the rest of the gears that you've been raring to hear  Hey, thanks again for letting us crash at your place! I've updated the first post with new information.  Great! I've added you to the list of attendees. The more the merrier!
 Hope you can make it! The meet is on May 4th. Details are in the first post. I'll note your name and gears down there.  Awesome! I would definitely love to have you hear this DT770.  Sneak peek: I think it sounds better than my W1000 now.  I noted your name down. Hope you can make it! Well, seeing as we have quite a few number of people good with May 4th, and that it's also a good day for our host, I think it's pretty much set. So sorry you can't join us! Maybe you can...
Yeah, I think May 4th would be good for me as well.   Plus it gives us a week of headroom to prepare.   So how about May 4th, gents?
@Vansen: I would love to check the Pico Slim out! We can also do a comparison at the meet.   @jjcha: That sounds great! I would love to check them out. Man, some of the older gears are seriously good. I was using an integrated amplifier on a vintage receiver to drive my ATH-W1000X when I still owned them.   Let's shoot for one of the upcoming weekends. So I'm thinking... either Saturday or Sunday of the next 3 weekends... also counting this one.   Namely: April...
Well, if you check the first post, we now have a place thanks to particleman14. You can choose between Millbrae and Los Gatos.   Los Gatos would be perfect for me since I'm very close by. I'd guess that it would also be more convenient for CEE TEE.   How about you guys?
Yeah. Thanks to particleman14, we now have a location! So let's see when people can show up. Please vote on a date, and we'll make this happen!
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