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No, Pan Am uses a hybrid topology, so it isn't OTL. OTL means you take the output directly from the tube amplifying stage. Hybrid means you put another solid-state buffering/amplifying stage between the output of the tube and the headphone.   But hybrid can theoretically be good enough if the hybrid buffering stage is transparent enough, so you shouldn't be concerned about it.   This whole OTL/non-OTL thing started because people thought the less components you have in...
 Yeah, that's why I'm interested. I liked the HA-160 when I first heard it, and I'm curious how the Soloist would perform. Hope you can make it!
 Yeah, I think the Soloist SL is still using the same topology as the Soloist, so aside from output power, all else should be about the same. I'd just like to know how the amp will work with my HE-560, and hopefully be able to compare the WA7 and Beta 22 as well. Judging from my listening trend... I'll most likely end up liking the smoothest of the 3.
 If possible, can you bring the Burson Soloist? I'd love to give it a listen and compare it to some other amps that will be at the meet.
 That's great! Glad to have you with us!   Yes! Blue Mo-Fi! Oh man... I can't wait to hear how it performs.  Of course! It's done.  Welcome! It seems to me you are already bringing plenty!
Awesome!   I was working for one of Blue's contracted manufacturers (owned by my uncles), and back in those days, we were only working on tube pre-amps and EQs. I guess they have come a long way now, huh?   Anyway, I'm curious how it will stack up against my Fostex HP-P1 and Audio Technica ATH-ES10 combo. I think I have just found my end-game portable rig, but maybe someone will surprise me.
Short of modding a headphone to fit your own preference, I don't think this can happen.   I have gotten pretty close to it, though, with my ATH-ES10.   I say close because now that I have gotten them to sound this clean, the difference between different sources become very apparent.   So since there is no headphone that can play well out of different sources, there is no such thing as a perfect headphone.   But as mentioned, there is a perfect setup, though. A...
Yeah, the first post is updated. Thanks again, @sofauxboho!   I'm looking forward to the Ragnarok as well. Maybe I'll have to purchase a balanced cable for my HE-560 after all.
Equally interested in the DT880. It's the last piece I need to obtain for a personal project of mine...
Glad to have you with us, Mike!   If possible, can you please send a mass notification to the members of the SF Bay Area group and see if who else decides to show up? We can make this a big meet!   And please bring the WA7 with tube power supply if you can. I'd love to hear how the tube power supply improves upon the sound of the WA7, and plus I'm curious about how my HE-560 pairs with other gears.   On a side note, I have the Fostex HP-P1 now, folks, so I'll bring it.
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