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 Actually, we will have to see. Depending on the implementation of the mod, the HE-560 does have an edge in acoustics thanks to its single-sided magnet structure. Even at stock, I still prefer the HE-560 to the HE-6's somewhat hotter and more peaky treble behavior. Also I think the HE-560 has better bass extension. The HE-6 has very good impact, but not a lot of sub bass.
If you mean the version I posted on here, I think it'll sound more like a bassy ESW10JPN.   If you mean my modded ES10 specifically, the one with wood ear cups and all, it actually sounds closer to the Stax SR-X than it is to the ESW10JPN. At least tonally.
Yeah, I've been lazy.  Honestly, though, my memories may not be the best, but... I heard a Stax SR-009 like... 2 days ago. And this HE-560 sounds almost like the SR-009. The difference is probably less than 5% in speed and extra detail retrieval. I think that difference comes down to the HE-560 being such a smooth and lush performer, so it trades speed for a more organic presentation, which I'd prefer all the time. But those are just from memories. If there is a chance any...
 Yeah... I thought of all types of fabric, and then I thought... what about those covers they usually put on bird's cages? If it is thin enough for the birds to survive, it should be thin enough to let air in while offering decent protection. And I was right. This HE-560 is about 99% the way to becoming my end-game setup. The 1% is when I finally finish my DIY amp and make a final build of it to match the aesthetics of the headphone. And then I'll be done. 
Hey, guys.   I think I found a type of fabric that would sound almost entirely open: bird's cage protective skirt/cover.   It attenuates very little of what a fully open grill would cover, and will still give more protection than having no fabric at all.   Fully enjoying my grill-modded HE-560 right now. My only regret now is not listening to you folks when you told me to do it.
Because young people also have more hope and a more vivid imagination, so they can "fill in the blanks" better than old folks, and as thus can "imagine" bad gears being good.   And because old men don't have as good hearing, we need all the treble boost (HD800?) we can get. And we can pay for it, too!   Honestly, though, kidding aside, I think it has to do with the amount of money involved. Young folks don't have a lot to spend, and older women would rather spend money...
So out of curiosity, I also tried the grill mod... The effect is very interesting when it's combined with the dynamat. I can hear an obvious veil being lifted this time, whereas the difference was so minimal before. Bass gets a lot more noticeable. Especially sub bass. And it also has the same effects you described in your grill mod thread: better, smoother treble extension, reduced the 8-10KHz peak (more like making everything else around it more even, I think), and it...
Yeah, under the grill/dust filter.   I think you'll find that dynamat would make a difference. Perhaps because it's an aluminum foil with adhesive rather than felt with adhesive.   I'm at a loss on how to describe the change, though. It's just... different.
Okay, so I found some spare dynamat lying around... and I'm feeling a bit adventurous.   Plus I know the space directly behind the dust filter is just plastic, and plastic ain't the best at absorbing vibrations...   Hm...     Edit: all I can say right now is... it is very very much worth a try.    In case you haven't caught on: I'm suggesting that we cover the inner plastic part of the HE-560's driver enclosure with dynamat.
I think it's more like it has been ages since Audio Technica last refreshed their full-size wood headphones.   These days, you're more likely to see them target the consumer segment... pushing out more portable models.
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