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Oh no, I'm not saying you should sell them. (in fact, since we're talking about the HD 650, I'd even tell you to keep them like your life depended on it)   I'm just wondering why you wanted a portable amp specifically for them.   With that said, I think you'll be tempted by someone to look at the Fiio E12, but... personally, I don't think the E12 is a good pairing with the HD 650.   One very good option for under $200 is the Objective 2. If you're in Europe,...
By "on the go", do you mean you plan to use the HD 650 outside while commuting on the train/bus, or do you mean "sitting in a quiet office"?   Because I don't think you can amp the HD 650 enough to kill train/bus noise and adequately enjoy your music without first going deaf.   Sorry to sound so cynical, but honestly, open-backed headphones really aren't people's first choices for "on the go".
If you don't mind me asking... why a portable amp for the HD 650?   The headphone is definitely not very suitable as a portable option, and you can get some pretty good desktop amps for it in the $300 - $500 range.
The tube in the Aune T1 is used to buffer the DAC output if I'm not mistaken. So the performance of the DAC changes depending on the tube you're using.   On that note, not all tubes are warm. There are (a lot of) tubes that sound bright and analytical.   My guess is that they (Aune Audio) intended for the T1 to be a DAC first and an amp second, so they put more efforts into the DAC.   And to me, that makes sense. When I need to scale up to a better amplifier,...
  Because... well, if I have to be honest, I use the DAC in the UHA-6S Mk.II only because it's convenient.   Toslink is better than USB, and from my brief test, I can tell that coaxial is slightly better than toslink (probably because I have a crappy plastic optical cable), but... I must admit that there are better DACs out there that the amp section of the UHA-6S Mk.II can accommodate.   For instance, I have a Fiio D3 (the first generation one with Wolfson DAC) that I...
  Aune T1.   You can get that in Vietnam for approx. $180 last I checked, and it's a really good package (superb DAC + amplifier that can push 1W into 32 Ohm). Definitely more than enough power to get the Mad Dogs (and even some other headphones that are harder to drive).   Though to be honest, I'm still seeing about getting one of those (the Aune T1) for myself... as I anticipate that there will be a Mad Dogs (or equivalence) in my near future.
  You can just use a regular 3.5 -> 3.5 cable.   The iPod Touch 5 (I'm assuming this is what you mean by "iPod 5") has improved a lot in quality, so double-amping is not as bad as it seems.
  Well, like I said (and also wrote in the first post), there are indeed people who have said the same thing you just wrote.   It may be just me who's hearing this "harsh and sibilant" sound from the O2, but I don't think it's a fault of the particular O2 that I compared the E12 with, because I also owned a DT880 600 and O2 combo for a few months, and my opinions of that combo were pretty much just the same.   So let's just say not all of us hear the same thing.
And I agree! It really does work well with the DT880 600. In fact, I dare say E12 is well worth its price tag when coupled with the DT880, but some people preferred the edgy and overly brighter (read: harsh and sibilant) O2 for some reason...   Oh well, just goes to show not all of us hear the same thing.
  I mean not as much as treble. 
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