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Also just to say... OPA627 isn't really "warmer" than AD8610. To my ears, it's just slightly fuller and smoother.
  I know who I am. I'll make sure to wash my hands... after I consume that monster burger right in front of your headphones.    Just kidding...   Was it you or hifiguy that brought all those headphones to the table in the back last time? There were so many (and without any nametag!) that I couldn't figure out which one was whose.
  Yeah, but it's just a link to eBay. Click on any one of them and you'll see.
  Yep. But I don't think anyone would change back.   I know personally that I wouldn't change back. The W1000X is now my favorite headphone of all times.   What's amazing is that the ear cups have gone through all this ordeal without even a single tiny scratch. I'm careful with it, but I was expecting the glossy finish to pick up tiny scratches like crazy. The W3000ANV I saw last time at the SF Bay Area had some pretty visible hairline scratches.
While I agree that the ES10 benefits from good sources (clean, low distortion, low output impedance, etc...), I don't think they particularly need a good source to shine.   Changing the stock ear pads gives much more of an improvement.   That said, I haven't seen ESW11 ear pads anywhere but eBay. But you can order the ESW9 ear pads directly from Audio Technica, and it fits just fine.
  It doesn't echo back as much anymore. But the smoothness and tonality and the "magic" still remains.   It's hard to explain... but I think you'll like it after you apply the mod.
No, it reduces the resonance for sure, but it doesn't change the overall sound.   If a part of the song sounded "thick", then it'd still sound "thick". It just won't decay so long anymore.
They don't get "thinner" when you mod them, though.   Just "cleaner" and more "transparent".
If you're swapping, look for either OPA627AP or OPA627BP. And definitely be careful of fake OPA627's on eBay. It's best to purchase from an authorized distributor. Try looking at Digikey or Arrow.
Y' know, you could just open the amp up and switch out the opamp yourself. No soldering skills necessary.
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