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I meant AT USA. I don't know AT Japan pricing, but I'd suspect that they're even cheaper than AT USA.
  Lean mean detailed machine...   So super flat, treble not recessed nor forward, midrange not recessed nor forward, and bass neither recessed nor forward.   Compared to OPA627, it's a little bit more harsh with bad recording (because OPA627 somewhat "smooths" out treble), midrange is not as lush, and bass not as articulated.
If you can find one used, the Leckerton UHA-6S Mk.II is also a good contender for $250.
Oh... alright. Yeah, I was wondering whose headphone collection those were. His name tag wasn't knocked off in one of my photos, but the headphones were littered on the table as if they didn't belong to him. If I get to see him again this summer, I'd like to thank him for the chance to demo all of those.   On a side note, I'm getting a bit overzealous with modding the W1000X... that I suspect by the time you get to listen to them, they'd sound completely different...
Yeah... but I don't get that part. Scratch-resistant coating wouldn't have cost them that much more (based on the pricing of the headphone), right?   The W3000ANV is a pair of beautiful headphones, and my heart sank when I saw those hairline scratches on the ear cups. I almost wanted to tell the owner that he shouldn't have brought it to the meet. But he was nice enough to let me demo them, so... being the hypocrite that I was, I just shut up and listened.   If I...
Oh no... but I think you can get them cheaper directly from Audio Technica. At least I know for sure $60 for a pair of ESW9 is too much.
Also just to say... OPA627 isn't really "warmer" than AD8610. To my ears, it's just slightly fuller and smoother.
  I know who I am. I'll make sure to wash my hands... after I consume that monster burger right in front of your headphones.    Just kidding...   Was it you or hifiguy that brought all those headphones to the table in the back last time? There were so many (and without any nametag!) that I couldn't figure out which one was whose.
  Yeah, but it's just a link to eBay. Click on any one of them and you'll see.
  Yep. But I don't think anyone would change back.   I know personally that I wouldn't change back. The W1000X is now my favorite headphone of all times.   What's amazing is that the ear cups have gone through all this ordeal without even a single tiny scratch. I'm careful with it, but I was expecting the glossy finish to pick up tiny scratches like crazy. The W3000ANV I saw last time at the SF Bay Area had some pretty visible hairline scratches.
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