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  Only if you bring me along. I'd love to carpool down there with you and Mr. Mercer.    By then my gears would probably down to just one headphone and one source, though. Trying to consolidate them all now.
Okay, finally I have some time for this.   The rest of my photos are still processing, so I'll upload them once I'm done.   Here are all I have of the Audeze closed-back prototype. I'm sure I've captured most (if not all) of the faces that got to put them on.                       Liu Tim should sign up to be a model for Audeze!         Classic!     Here's another potential...
  Yep!   Sorry, guys. I was completely exhausted after 1.5 hours of driving home, so I'll post my impressions after today instead.   The good news is, I'd have even more gorgeous pics and even more impressions today. So stay tuned!   Quick remark before I head out:   In my opinions, the Alpha Dogs is the best closed headphone under $1000 bar none. At $599, it's a bargain! I did not warm up to the Mad Dogs, but the Alpha Dogs are very very very different from the Mad Dogs,...
Quick 1st day recap: Alpha Dogs! So swing by Mr. Speakers' booth tomorrow if you'd like a listen. And... the elusive Abyss!! But they aren't the stars of the show. Dr. Cavalli's amps are. He has an excellent A/B setup over at his table. SR-009 vs Abyss. More stuffs to come, since I'm on my phone and I can't type much, but expect lots of texts and photos soon.
I think listening at higher volume makes glaring faults with headphones (usually treble peaks that cause sibilance) more obvious, and it'll also make the sound signature more obvious. Personally, I adjust my volume depending on the music. EDM and pop rock, I crank things up a notch. Classical, I try to keep it soft (though "soft" to classical often requires more volume output than EDM or pop rock from my experience). Jazz, I keep it in between.
I think we all can have a mini meet tomorrow for those who are brave (and free!) enough to show up. But other than that, I think I'll use the whole day to listen to loudspeakers. I'm looking for a desk-friendly setup that doesn't require lots of room now, and this seems like the perfect opportunity for that.
Well, my dad is busy on Saturday as well, so it looks like it'll be just me. But I'm showing up tomorrow. Warren and wolfetan, I take it you guys will be there tomorrow as well? Would you like to meet up and cruise the speakers together?
You will realize when you see me in person. On a side note, will we have access to WIFI at the meet? If not, I'll bring some high quality CDs.
I should swing by earlier than that and set things up.But unfortunately, due to circumstances, I absolutely must have breakfast before I get there.
Sounds good. I may come late at around 9-10AM, so please keep some space for me, warren! My list of source gears includes: Macbook Pro Retina 2012 (has optical output, and I'll bring a cheap optical cable along for the ride, but no DVD or CD drive!) Fiio D3 DAC (accepts optical or coaxial input) Sony Vaio TZ laptop (has CD/DVD drive, and I can bring along a Turtle Beach Amiga II mini optical adapter) If anyone at the same table space needs a computer source, they can...
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