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Remember that time when I said that the HE-1K didn't sound as good as it was made out to be?  Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing the Ether C soon. Maybe I should book a ticket to RMAF. I missed out on so much during summer vacation. During that time, I found the Oppo PM-3 to somehow match my taste well (weird, as I didn't get that when I listened to them at Wikia), so right now it's my closed-back reference, but I'm always open to other options.
Oppo PM-3 is actually pretty close.   I think the Nad Viso HP50 is closer to the HD650 than it is to the HD600. Even then, it doesn't seem to be on the same technical level.   The Oppo, on the other hand, does get pretty close, though it falls short of the ultimate resolution that one can get from the HD600 with much better amplification. The PM-3 stops scaling at some point... but it can be plugged directly into a mobile phone, so if you're into that.
It's bad enough that I'm not back on time for this. So... have fun, guys! I look forward to the impressions and photos to follow. Since it's dawn of the 19th here, I'd bet fun stuffs are happening over there!
Output impedance is not the only metric that you will see an improvement when using a dedicated headphone-only amp. Distortion, noise, etc... will also see an improvement, though these improvements may vary depending on the model.   Your question is basically the same as "why do I need to upgrade to a 2015 BMW sports car when my 1973 Honda Civic still gets me to the supermarket and back?"   So... with that, I hope you'll arrive at the answer that works for you. 
So, I finally got to meet Frank and discuss DIY. Also got to measure his headphone.   Thanks, Frank!    Measurement data below. Note: measurements are meant to show DIFFERENCES rather than to definitively state whether something sounds "better" or more "neutral" than the others.   Frequency response with Stax SR-007 ear pads: (with and without foam)     Frequency response with Audeze ear pads: (with and without foam)     Comparison between 2 different types...
I still owe folks some photos, so... here they are:   @jude and @baronkatz as captured by my "more awesome than Jude's" camera.  (seriously, though, Jude, you should get a Fuji X-Pro1 and join us camera freaks!)     And here's Jude with @Mr Practical.     Took this portrait as a personal request from Mr. Practical. But it was more like I wanted to show off how good I am at taking portraits.  Here's my "artistic" rendition of how the portrait should...
  This may just be because I spent some brief minutes listening to either headphone, but from what I can tell, both headphones are comparable. The Denon has a bit of a forward upper midrange/lower treble, that gives more of an impression of space, but upon closer listening, it isn't necessarily more spacious than PM-3. I think it was more in my face, and that the closeness of certain instruments makes others seem further away. PM-3 has a more even tonal balance to my ears....
 Hm... if I get the chance I will have to try this combo and see if you're right, bro.  I only got to grab the Geek Out V2 and compare it to my 450.
Yeah. Sorry for the confusing language.   I couldn't find the best way to describe it. It's a "neutral" amp with "character". 
Well, it's not contradictory if you know me. But I just realized that not everyone who reads that does. What it means is simply that what I consider "neutral" isn't "true neutrality", or at least not "neutrality" as others describe. I have come to realize and accept this. You can probably see from reading my other impressions. The Ether is considered by some as being a "neutral" headphone, but I find it too bright for my taste. Likewise, HE-1000 may just be right for some,...
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