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 According to Will, there's a loading zone that you can park and take stuffs in. Someone will have to stand in the lobby anyway, since people need a key card to get up to the office (or at least that's my experience in regular hours), so you can rest assured there will be a bunch of eyes watching your items. Plus there'll be security there, I think.
Yeah, I was about to say... without a trolley, carrying gears heavier than, say... a Gungnir Multibit a couple of blocks is NOT a trivial matter, so car-pooling is best for loading/unloading.   I've been to MD office a few times, and it's really not easy to get gears up there. Actually, let me contact them and ask now, because this will be an issue on that day.
Cool. I'm in!   Gears that I'll bring: Sennheiser HD600 Sennheiser HD800 DIY amp <- pretty much a cmoy Schiit Gungnir Multibit   And that's it. Nothing special. Just the usual stuffs. 
Yeah, sorry, @DecentLevi. I have been busy the last few weeks cooking up a secret weapon to present at the meet. Haha So, it looks like Luis won't be able to finish my Code-X in time, so I won't have that. In its place, I'll be bringing... my own modded Sennheiser HD800. So yeah, you can look forward to that. Haha. 
Awesome! :) Let's see... I'll be bringing: Sennheiser HD 600 super modded <- won't spoil this one early. Ya gotta hear it for yerselfLFF's Code-X <- because I'm a huge fan of this thing, I got oneBill-P's AMP-2 <- yes, the 2nd version of my DIY amp. Balanced output onlySchiit Gungnir Multibit <- end-game DAC for me... until they come out with something that's even more resolving Bill is joining the big league now. Hahaha. I think this will be where I stop and rest for a...
Well, if you'd like to get it on, I'd say... first change thread title to something definite like "SF meet end of October" so that more people will sign up.   And then start taking names, but don't spill blood... yet! Wait 'til the day. Hahahaha!    Okay, in all seriousness, I think we should get a list of attendees going, then a list of gears, and see if all of those will fit into @gepardcv 's place. If not, we should either invent a space-time expanding device, or...
I'm in. Actually, I can help organizing lists and all, too. Should I open a new thread about it to keep track and all that?
I've gotta listen to the Ether C to tell. To my ears, the Ether didn't have that much bass at all. Its bass was decent out of my amp, but still, some other headphones (HE-560, LCD-2, HE-1K, etc...) easily surpass it in terms of bass impact IMO. So I'm reasonably assuming the Ether C won't have much of an issue surpassing the bass impact of the Ether. Now... what I'm suspecting may be the case is that... in general, closed-back headphones tend to have some reflections...
I think the HD600 is the better pairing than the 650 if you like the HD598. The 650 may just be too warm, whereas the 600 is more even and neutral.
Remember that time when I said that the HE-1K didn't sound as good as it was made out to be?  Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing the Ether C soon. Maybe I should book a ticket to RMAF. I missed out on so much during summer vacation. During that time, I found the Oppo PM-3 to somehow match my taste well (weird, as I didn't get that when I listened to them at Wikia), so right now it's my closed-back reference, but I'm always open to other options.
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