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 Just a DAC but no headphone or amp?  Great. Which ALO Audio are we talking about? Did you mean amp or cable?   Wow... that's interesting. A rack amp? I have a Fiio D3 that works with Android devices, and a Fostex HP-P1 that works with iDevices if you have any of those.
By the way... here's something to consider: I could never hear above 19 KHz before. Even 19KHz is a bit faint. That's no matter the source gears, and no matter the headphone.   Then... I got into DIY. And with a less aggressive low-pass filter, output directly from the Fostex HP-P1's DAC... guess what? I could hear up to 21KHz clear as day, and 22KHz is just barely audible.   So... seriously, I am starting to think that due to following some written rules that say that...
Great!   Oh, and I have a bit of sad news to deliver.   Schiit Audio is concentrating all of their efforts on RMAF, so they couldn't spare a Ragnarok for us all to demo, which sucks.   Ah well, Schiit happens.   On the other hand, I'm trying to travel light, so... if I can finish my DIY amp by Saturday, I think I'll leave the McIntosh MAC 4100 at home, because it doesn't sound quite as good as my DIY amp. Well, hopefully you'll all get to listen to it!
Well, if it's any worth to the discussion at hand...   The Fostex HP-P1's DAC, which I guess is operating at 44.1KHz 16-bit as that's the limit of most iOS devices that it supports, sounds cleaner and more detailed than the internal built-in DAC of my MacBook operating at 96KHz 24-bit... with the same track in hi-res FLAC and then in Apple Lossless format   And the same track, at either 44.1KHz 16-bit or 96KHz 24-bit on the MacBook, sounds the same.   I think there...
 Oh boy... I so wanted to try the LCD-XC on my amp, too.  I'll make sure you don't regret it. :)
 Well, the more the merrier, right? You guys are making me want to open up my HE-560... but just for the sake of making an amp that would work well with all Hifiman headphones including stock ones, I'll hold back for now.
 That's too bad. Hope to see you next time!  That's a done deal!Are you bringing anything?  
 I'll have photos and everything else up within the next month or so. The reason I want a stock pair as a guinea pig is because my pair is already modded too far... like you said. I would like the next few modifications to work universally with any pair of ES10.  Which does have a prominent effect on sound. :) I prefer ESW11 ear pads for comfort, though ESW9 ear pads do have the "wow" factor due to improved airiness and bass. Bass is unholy with ESW9 ear pads... and with...
Great. I'll PM you details, my good sir.  
 Sounds great. I'll add them to the list.  Definitely!  Sounds good! Looks like we're gearing up nicely here. I wonder how the grill mod and removed felt mod sound like compared to bone stock...  Great!
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