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 Great idea! Done! 
 My bad!!! Yeah, I totally forgot to send it out. :( I've posted a huge yellow note to myself on top of the cabinet that hopefully won't go unnoticed this Saturday... but just to make sure, I also threw the cable into a box that I'll for sure bring to the meet.
I'll be different...  So... NO and YES! ;) I'll come by early, since someone has requested that I do. That may help, too, since I need to set my stuffs up early. Something I'm bringing needs some time to... warm up.
Okay, @DecentLevi, you got me.   I'm in for this meet.    I'll bring my modded Senn HD580 + Geek Out V2 Infinity. Nothing fancy like last time since I'd like to check out people's gears more.
Hey, Manic.   Sorry, I've been busy, so I didn't update this guide. I've arrived at a better solution than this (with measurements, too), so I'll find the time to write that up.   And the initial theory for the layers of different material is that... they each have different attenuation properties that work best at some specific frequencies, but not at others. Since headphones, even in the same family/model/line have some variations in their high frequency response,...
Sorry, I didn't note. They're both 4-pin XLR.
So I have some spare HD800 cables that I'd like to get rid of.   Norne Audio Skoll V2 silver-plated copper @ approximately 5ft length, already $old!   ZY cable @ approximately 8ft length, already $old!   All other fees (Paypal?) are on me, so no worries about that.
So I opened the drawer and found some Stax stuffs that I'm not using anymore. Please feel free to make offer.   Stax SR-X drivers: I have a pair of this. Both are fully functional, and attached to the original cup/grills, etc... There's just no headband. Normal bias. If you can DIY your own headband, then you're essentially getting a Stax headphone for cheap. I'm asking $100 + shipping for this.   Stax SRS-005, which consists of the SR-003 in-ear headphones, and the...
Yeah, thanks to Will and the Massdrop crew for being such a graceful host to us all. I really enjoyed the meet, and ended up not doing much listening at all. Haha. So that will need to change next time.   Here are some of my notes: (please note, I'm brutally honest with my opinions now, so if anything offends, please take it with a grain of salt and accept my apologies in advance)   Stax SR-009 + KGSSHV + Schiit Yggdrasil: this was TMoney's old setup, I think. I have...
Will gave me these photos via text a while ago. It is indeed the yellow zone:   That small door between the donut shop and the parking garage gives access to the lobby. If anyone is coming earlier, and would like to help with loading, please stand by around this area. I'll treat anyone helping me unload to donuts as thanks afterwards. 
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