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Just chiming in here, folks... since I've had these for a while, and I've been staying quiet, presumably because I wanted my friends who know how good this headphone is to obtain a set before the reveal.   So... the short of it is... the 580 is the best in the series, in my opinions, because it is the most balanced headphone. Check this out:   After I did measurements, essentially, it's smack in between the HD600 and HD650 in terms of treble (so slightly more...
 Thanks!! :)  And I've responded.
I'm looking to offload my Schiit Gungnir Multibit here. It was upgraded from Gungnir w/ Gen.2 USB at the end of September last year.   There's nothing wrong with it. I'm just downsizing.   Price already included shipping and fees.
Hi. Up for sale is my GOv2 Infinity (not the Plus).   I've recently acquired a GOv2+ for portable use, so I don't really need this anymore. Cosmetically, it's in excellent condition. There is one catch: the white LED that illuminates the low and mid gain levels is dead, so low gain won't light up, and mid or high gain look about the same even though there's a difference that you can hear when you press the gain switch to change gain. LH may be able to fix this, but I'm...
More measurements since Munch is missing distortion graphs... (measured at 90dB)   I swear, if I wasn't needing munnies, I would just buy this back from him. It was one of my better projects. Basically it's my version of what I think an HD650 in orthodynamic form would sound like. Plus it has the added benefits of being much easier to drive, so it plays nice with your phones, etc...
Since I'm an antisocial being, I shot mostly gears and less people...                                                   And... that's the end of my photo dump! Impressions? I liked Stax SR-007 Mk.I out of Blue Hawaii, and HD580/600/650 out of Bottlehead Sex. The end!     Seriously, though, it was so fun talking to people that I forgot to critically audition most of the other gears... except for the...
 Great idea! Done! 
 My bad!!! Yeah, I totally forgot to send it out. :( I've posted a huge yellow note to myself on top of the cabinet that hopefully won't go unnoticed this Saturday... but just to make sure, I also threw the cable into a box that I'll for sure bring to the meet.
I'll be different...  So... NO and YES! ;) I'll come by early, since someone has requested that I do. That may help, too, since I need to set my stuffs up early. Something I'm bringing needs some time to... warm up.
Okay, @DecentLevi, you got me.   I'm in for this meet.    I'll bring my modded Senn HD580 + Geek Out V2 Infinity. Nothing fancy like last time since I'd like to check out people's gears more.
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