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Posts by TopCaliber Skip to 1:25   Might break your ears. jk :)   Not actually a song, made for segmented used in trailers. But still intresting to see the crazy noises your headphones can make. 
Damn, I wish I didn't just order some M80s these look SWEET.      
Hmm, How would the M80 compare to the M100 sound wise? 
I am willing to either buy the HD25s now or wait for the m100s and get those later.   What do you guys think would be the better choice for a protable headset?   I really like the case that comes with the M100, and over ear > on ear for me.. But I'm worried that the M100s might be too expensive at something estimated at 300-400 USD...   200 USD is reasonable for me which is why the HD25s are so appealing.   It seems like both have Killer build quality....
Well. I was thinking of either getting a HD25 or a pair of 1350s... But I was turned off by the fact that they are on ear... I've had a bad experiance with on-ear headphones before.     I think over-ear are more comfortable (duh) and might sound a bit better... But I'd like to know what you guys think. Any suggestions? 
denon d2k. 
I was about to buy the 1350s.   Is there really any reason to consider the M-100s vs the 1350?
Man... Wish they didn't cost so much.
But it does cost 350$ Darn.     Does anybody know the difference between the T50 and the 1350 btw? 
Personally I have no loyalties to any company. I could honestly care less.If a product is good then it is. If it sucks then it sucks.
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