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I'll maybe try the mod if I ever find myself needing more bass. Thanks for the tutorial.
where did you buy them?
I got the 7010 a few weeks ago while they were 20$. I wanted an alternative to the Shure SE215 I have (didn't like having to put them on and take them off while in the office, plus the over the ear look is dorky). They sound pretty good, quite on the warm side. I have a few quibbles though: - The cloth cable makes a LOT of noise when rubbed, even with music playing. This gets really annoying when it rubs against my shirt collar (just moving my head around is enough to...   The Revolver? Headphone amp?
Just received mine today. I have the same initials impressions as you. The pads are ok comfort-wise except for their slight roughness. They do get hot though. The headband isn't an issue. I haven't got a chance to audition any Grado/Alessandro  before jumping the gun so the sound sig is new to my ears. Very forward, like having every instrument in the track playing next to my ears. It seems like I have to crank up the volume more than usual to extract their potential...
Agreed. Isolation is somewhat subjective. You won't get the same isolation as NC headphones or IEM but the m-80 blocks out most of the surrounding noises. I had the xb-500 and they were definitely bad at isolation on top of leaking a lot. And they looked ridiculous on my head...but so comfortable.    
I find them to be adequate. By that, I mean that you'll still hear the announcements on the metro's PA and the start-up sound (although they'll be somewhat muted) at a safe volume. The vents let in some sounds but I find it practical and safer as it makes you aware of your surroundings (and you won't miss your station). If you do crank it up a couple of notches, I think you'll drown out most of the surroundings although at the expense of your hearing. You really don't...
Val, All the discussion has centered around the sound of the M-100; will there be any changes in terms of comfort/design/style vs. the LP's? Or are we talking about the same shell but different drivers? Thanks!
Hey guys, here's my review of the m-80 from a consumer standpoint. I'm not an expert on sound description but hopefully this review could be helpful for someone like me (not an audiophile, but enjoys good sound quality). (TL;DR: They sound great and the build quality is as excellent as everyone said, although the lack of boomy bass may turn off bassheads. They go well with most genres which is their best quality). This is my first post and review here, btw. I don't...
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