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I don't see it?
I wonder if the first edition will have anything different besides the label "first edition". Been wanting a pair since the Q701s were my favorite before and been excited for this. 
Since I haven't been keeping up to date, does anyone know if there is going to be another drop for these headphones? Or will I only have to look in the used department.
So being the idiot that I am, I tried pulling off the temporary ear tips I placed on the eph-100 and accidently removed the whole metal piece on the left side where you can see the inside of the eph-100 and....   THE WIRES CAME APART from the board   So I see a orange wire and a green wire. Could anyone inform me where to solder each wire? I can't believe I did something this dumb. 
Send me a message if you have a pair for sale, in the message include pictures with price + shipping to 93012 (CA)
Wow thanks a ton! I'll definitely be looking into these. If anyone still wants to get rid of any of their stock ones lemme know. I like the idea of stocks haha. 
Anyone have any extra ear tips i can purchase off them? I lost a couple of ear tips when traveling abroad and if i can purchase a few off someone that would be greatly appreciated!
So I lost a couple of the ear tips for my yamaha eph-100 and now i cant even listen to them considering i only have sizes for my ears that dont fit. If anyone wants to be my hero and sell 2 of the tips sizes for me that would be great. Currently im overseas so i dont know which sizes im missing in the states or what size i lost here overseas. Anyways, it would be greatly appreciated if someone can make a deal with me in the mean time since yamaha doesnt sell any...
Anyone have any comparisons to the AKG Q701? After going through many pairs the Q701s were my absolute favorite thanks to its wide and accurate soundstage (at least to me). Sold them for the money, now after 2 years I'm looking to buy some Q701s again but these came out now and boy am I interested!  If anyone can give me a comparison to the Q701, HD650, DT770 and heck even the Koss Porta Pros (Best budget headphone ever) that would be greatly appreciated. Also if there is...
I hate to admit this, but after listening to DT770, Shure 840s, m50s, T50rps(modded), V-moda m100, HD650s, and Q701 (couple iems here and there also). I finally purchased portapros considering they are half-off on Amazon right now.  I haven't had headphones on my ears for more than 30 minutes until these PortaPros. I admit I was a skeptic at first about all the good reviews but I have to admit I'm loving these ugly little things!  Sure you're not going to get the...
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