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  Um, yes, obviously. Thanks.
Newegg is currently offering a bundle deal: the latest generation iPod Nano plus a set of Klipsch Image E1 headphones for $124:   I don't know much about the Image E1, but if anyone was looking for a small portable music player, this gives you the player plus a set of probably-decent headphones for less than the standard retail price...
Shopping in TJ Maxx the other day, I noticed they had the purple Citiscape Downtowns for $20. I bought the brown version for around $40 a few months back and have been pretty pleased with them, so $20 seems like a steal.
AIAIAI currently has a 25% off deal in their online store using the promo code "BABYDISCOUNT". This takes the TMA-1 Studios to $197.50 including shipping to US, The regular TMA-1 to $160 with shipping, the Capital to $85, and the Tracks to $70.
  Parrot Zik.
I don't think anyone has posted this yet: is has a few headphones on sale right now, including the KRK KNS-6400 for $75. I'm not sure how many they have in stock; they're already sold out of some other KRKs, some Shures, and some Sonys. I bought some TMA-1s from Hellomusic last year and was pretty pleased with the site.
If you want a headphone that's not too dark, I doubt the TMA-1s or Studios will be for you, but I wish you luck. For what it's worth, I have found that the mic cable that came with my Crossfade LPs works very nicely with the TMA-1.
Glad to hear other people have enjoyed the sound driven by A/V receivers, since I've been planning to listen to mine through my Yamaha as a starting point.
Just got some lime green Q701s as an early Christmas present. I haven't had much time with them yet, but I'm pretty excited. Currently I'm driving them from my mom's Denon receiver, though unfortunately I'm hitting the road starting tomorrow and I'll probably only have an E6 to amp them. Anyway, this seemed like the proper place to express my excitement.
I've been enjoying the Philips Citiscape Downtowns, which are sitting at $50 on Amazon right now but seem pretty easy to find sub-$40 (I found mine at TJ-Maxx, of all places).
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