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HiFiMan HE-500 and listening to Molly Hatchet "Regrinding the Axes"
All I can say is after owning both (HD650/DT880) for almost a year now (HD650 4 years), I am glad I dont have to try and pick one over the other. One day I think one is better the next its the opposite. 
Breaking in the New Year with the Grado SR80i. 
Congrats jontron. 
Congrats bob439. Enjoy!!!!!!
Toxic is definitely in the running for sure. The only drawback to them for me is the importing thing, but they sure look nice and people rave about them.    I have kind of settled on either Toxic or MoonAudio Silver Dragon. I have the Black Dragon on my HD650 and I really like it. 
Man I havent Stone IPA in a long time. I might have bring a 24 pack of that home tomorrow night.  
Awesome set-ups pelli!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!
  First off congrats on the HE-500 and very nice pics!!!    I couldnt agree more on the cable and I cant wait to replace mine. Even though I have been saying that for about 2 months I just cant decide what one I want...........besides all of them.   
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