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Its the douchbag meme. Most ******* I know go out and spend $170 on Beats the goes on to explain to me how amazing the music sounds with them. Keep in mind this thread was started to bag on the beats owners 
This is lame but...  
  On my campus the ratio is more around 100 Beats to every 1 respectable pair of cans lol
I do like this quote from the article:   "I think what we did with Beats is like the first step in blowing up the headphones market for the general good of everybody, other manufacturers and competitors as well,"
Assuming the general consensus is that Grados are great cans, the headphones are not the issue. It was just an explosion of Dorinos passion for uniqueness 
I would love to see some as well!
You are wise in all of your ideas, but wouldn't that be the same taking a dump on them? 
I am constantly being asked what model Beats I have due to the red cable on m Grados. Iv'e almost given up explaining how poor the beats perform in their price range and how much better my Grados are lol  
That's a great idea, I will try that as soon as I finds some nice red paint.
ha no, Monster makes great cables though it is quite thin.
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