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He is right, I used a pixel color identifier. 
If its bass you want, raise the db level on the lower numbers like 10hz 20hz up to about 80hz. Other than that leave other settings alone.   An even simpler explanation; play with the bars on the left  
Expensive cables look cooler so isn't it obvious that they will perform better? 
I suppose this could be true, he is more of a speed boat and dirt bike guy...Im sure he knows something about high end audio but I am positive he doesnt know Grados 
Yeah, I just thought it was funny how mot people marvel at the quality of the sound when my dad surpassed the "that sounds amazing" and "how much do they cost" and went strait to the "you paid too much"
I give my father a listen to my Grado sr325i, without knowing anything about the brand or audiophiles he looks at me and says "Why would you spend so much money on headphones?!"
  You really want to see me walking around with fluorescent pink and red headphones don"t you?  When you get around to wooding your grados I would like to see some orange LED's beaming out the center because why the **** not? lol    
What a strange turn this thread took...
I know its not funny, it was just a way to capture the response of the sucmbag bros to the news about their beloved beats ie. ignorance to true quality
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