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 I agree! I put some SR60i drivers in the aluminum case of a 325 with the l cups and I was amazed by the sound. Sometimes I wonder in the differences between the drivers from model to model   
Oh, I didn't even think to do a search, I thought I was being original Should have known. Anyways thanks for the info guys!
So everyone loves the fit and sound of the Hd414 pads but not everyone wants them in yellow, myself included. After dying the gas tank on my dirt bike gas tank I was inspired to try this on some pads.   Here's the plan: Buy some black powdered die from Walmart, mix it in water, boil it then submerge the pads till they are fully blackened like the original grado pads.     Sound like a good idea to anyone else? 
I am sure many of you have listened recording like this before but if you haven't check out this link to a recording made by Hugo Zuccarelli (inpatient listeners start at about half way)   Don't know how much I would like this in my music but has anyone heard of artists taking advantage of this technology?  
  Will do!   The main thing I wanted to get out of this thread is to know if members of the hi-fi audiophile community would take an amp like this seriously or view it as just a waste of money on a toy that doesn't really contribute to the listening experience.  
Big thanks from me too!  
Thanks for the advice. My question is a little after the fact for me since I already own one and I enjoy it. However if there was another option that would serve me better for under $75 I would strongly consider trading in.
I want that..
  I have not had the pleasure of hearing one of the flagship models, please send a pair asap     
Are these little tin can project really amplifiers any good?     Often they give a parts list such as:   Altoids mint Tin  Texas Instruments Burr Brown Opamp2227 Alps rk097 10K Potentiometer  with incorporated on/off switch  Aluminum 1/2"  knob Sealed 3.5MM stereo jacks Aluminum 3mm LED holder   3mm blue...
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