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Thanks for doing this!
Well most people probably have not tried these cables on the grado sr-80s because they wouldn't get a huge bump in performance from a $200 cable. My advice would be to build your own cable using some cheap silver wire, a length of cable sheathing like mdpc-x and terminate it with a viablue t6s 3.5mm.    Did this to one of my grados and the sound was great plus its a nice project 
I don't understand how you could have been so disappointed with the sr60 but to each his own. Anyways consider some audio technica cans like the ath-es7. They are pretty darn clear and have more bass than the grados
Grado PS-1000 walking on 3rd steet at Indiana University. A very strange set to see on the street carried by a student no less   Also a pair of HF-2, SR-225i and several SR-60i or SR-80i in various places. There must be a grado club around here that I am missing out on....
Glad to see we think alike  Its nice to see someone with access to the milling equipment who is willing to turn these out for others who care about sound as much as they do without the steep mark up.
Do it! But only if you are willing to offer the cups at a reasonable price, there are plenty of high end guys out there already.    Good luck with your venture!
I am in the same boat as you with the 325 goldies and wanting a little better sound. What I did was to buy a cheap cmoy amp off ebay, opened them up to poke holes in the rear of the driver, add some dynamat and remove the plastic and the end outcome was much better all around. Don't be too scared of ruining anything by taking these cans apart, its a easy process just a little scary the first time
^Hella clean 
I would like to hear the opinion of anyone who has used MDPC-X or similar sleeves on their cable. For some reason I feel like the hard plastic may be too stiff or something.    I am torn between which material to use and would like any suggestions.   -Thanks
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