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Thank you  Its nice having people here enjoy my work, most of my friends are like " cool... my solos are bumping too" lol
I used the UHPCL cable that grado uses on the stock cans because well, Grado cables are already pretty darn good. I believe the point of the 8 conductor is to decrease the resistance. After putting that cable on I could hear a big difference in bass and treble response so I would recommend getting that if you can. I was going to use two neutrik plugs for a connection but i decided to keep the cost down and just hardwire the drivers. ( it is kinda a b*#@% getting a cable...
Thanks, it took forever to get that sleeving from Germany 
Thanks!  Just finished them today, they look much better than I thought they would come out 
SN: 11067 ~~ Drivers are from the silver "is" series   My new golden cans      
My new pair of the 325i's! That's right these are the "i" version, I upgraded the drivers to the latest design, installed an 8 conductor cable, poked two hole in the rear and added some dynamat for good measure.                       This is why I love the Grado brand, great headphones that anyone can take and make into something unique and exactly what they want. Imho the best headphone brand out there, maybe not the best sounding but still the greatest!
Its not much... at all, but it sounds great and I love it!     Updated to current driver design, 8 conductor re-cable, two hole punch mod and some dynamat
I am sure this is a worn topic but I would like to know where I can buy a good dock connector for a custom cable.   I know that buying a fiio L3 would work but I already have more silver wire than I need so a custom cable is preferred.   Thanks   EDIT: Does anyone know where to get a jack for a good price. US only I need it in a week and a half so China is out
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