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This is an original Grado SR 325is with extremely low time (minutes) serial number 6764. The serial number on the driver authenticates it as a 325 because the 325 series is the lowest model to receive a serial number from Grado. The driver is in great working order, the other driver was crushed which is an unfortunate outcome of having dogs running around during projects.
  "I had the most stupid idea right now. What about put some leds inside the cups, right below the meshs, it would look cool on the dark of our rooms. Anyone think it's technically possible?"       Glow in the dark tape!
Well lets not over complicate this. you haven't changed the capacitance or the quality of the seal enough to make any real difference. The fact is that different cables give headphones a different sound, that is why audiophiles spend thousands on getting the right cables. The difference you hear is most likely just that. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it, just eq to your taste and enjoy your music. That's what we are all here for anyways right?
Removing the white veil will give such a slight change in sound that you wouldn't be able to really notice. You would also have to de-dust the drivers more often and if you'r hair can gets in there it can cause a grattle. I removed them on a pair of 325is and regretted it but, some other members may say the opposite.
I know what you mean about the lac of bass, that last little bit is what really matters     Did you use silver bearing solder? Remember not to heat the wires too much?    Also the quality of copper has a HUGE effect on the bass and clarity in fine headphones. I am not familiar with the star quad cable or what AT uses on the M50s but you may have taken a downgrade in the cable because the star quad isn't oxygen free (I think). 
Its got to be a bad connection, stressing the cable can break a solder connection or the copper wires may have frayed somewhere. If you have no bass in both cups it is most likely the fault is at the jack on the common pole. I have encountered this problem when I first was learning to solder new cables, all that was needed to fix the problem was a new jack for me.   Should be an easy fix. Good luck!
Over the past few years, after discovering the amazing sound that can come from full sized headphones I have put a good amount of time and some money into modifying several pairs of grados mostly for the love of sound and the hobby. Now, however I have a pair of cans that go unused and could help finance a new pair of cans (something other than grados) The set in question is sort of a frankin pair, it holds the 325is drivers in the plastic cups with an aluminum screen,...
Crap, the link to the plug didnt work.   AV outlet has them on stock cheaper than anyone else
I could agree with that, I did it just for the sake of doing so and the great placebo effect I guess.      Peves, I absolutely love the idea of coloring the posts! Cant think of a way to do that without increasing the od of the posts  Bule would be a great selection for the screen / drivers and you can get the same sleeving I used in blue (it is from Viablue, get the smallest) you will need to ask for a special order through these guys, it will take forever because viabue...
Those look great! I really like those wide open grills and Ive always wanted to sand a pair of cups but I guess I am too afraid  Nice selection of mods on these cans, looks like it was a fun project.   A few tips, take those back apart and color the back of the drivers black and if you hate the yellow pads go to walmart and buy some black powder dye. Boil some water add the dye and throw in the pads. Theres a few tutorials out there on how to do this. I would...
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