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Bump for more
usual way of remedying that is to thicken the stem? applying lacquer?
now im confused lol
so am i right to say if a custom doesnt isolate as well as olives/complys means its a bad fit?
anyone tried pairing this with high end custom iems like jh 16 pros, es5s, 1986 quads, heir 8As? Was wondering if it boosts these already high end iems up to a different level or you'll need a better amp like picos/RSAs to do it properly?
ahh i see, good to know. huge sense of relief. thanks a lot :)
does it isolate well? can you hear ambient noises in your surroundings?
Am deciding on getting a portable amp, would a pico slim be more worth it then the e17? I know that both are in a totally different price range, am just hoping for insights if the extra amount of cash is worth it for the difference in SQ.
have tried the audio test on both my w4 and jh13s... both sounds the same..   i guess the customs just doesn't give as much isolation as i would like too.. And seal doesn't break when i walk around
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