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Don't get me wrong, I think m-100 is a really great headphone, In fact I keeped both momentum and m-100. But for me comfort-wise momentum wins hands down. Even without bending momentum clamp much less, pads are really soft like ear cushions and the internal cloth padding keep the ears fresh.  When XL pads will be out and available also on amazon, I think I will definitely try them
  Between m-100 and momentums I think that momentum is defintely the more comfortable. Momentum are lighter, clamp less and ears don't become hot. For me momentum become more comfortable after some break in time...
Have someone tried dirac apps? It would be nice if v-moda partnered with dirac to release a v-moda dirac optimized app for m-100, m-80 and LP series... Dirac do some frequency optimization but also time domain and phase optimization tailored to a specific headphone to compensate for physical shortcomings so it's not a simple equalizer. Some manifacturers have started to do that like nuforce...
    I fully agree. Some time ago I contacted v-moda service for a cracked earcup and they told me I had to return the headphones and that I had to pay the shipping costs. From Italy it's really expensive so I chose to not send it back. 
I contacted v-moda some days ago for the same reason...Cracked left earcup and I never exchanged shields. Very disappointing as it seems a common issue and all the statements about v-moda products quality are a bit excessive... They told me to apply for warrranty claim here: http://v-moda.com/warranty/ and then to ship back headphones. But I am from Italy and ship to USA it's quite slow (or expensive if I ship with a fast service) so I have to stay without headphones...
After experimenting for some days, I found out that this eq configuration works great for low volume listening:  
  I agree on the listening fatigue, low trebles are quite aggressive for me. I also experience that even at low volumes (tipically I listen to 1/3 ipod touch 5g max volume). If you find out a good eq configuration please share with us !
Thank you, you've been really helpful ! 
Hi! Great Review! Can I ask you the serial number of the IE800 you used? Some are complaining about them beeing too bright and from your review they don't seem too hot in the treble... Maybe the problem was in the first batch... I am really torn, because IE800 seems like what I am looking for but I can't stand harsh or bright headphones 
I use an ipod touch 5g as source with aac 256k / alac files. I also tested both M-80 and M-100 with an international Galaxy S3 (i9300) with Wolfson DAC using flac files, but the better result in terms of clarity and detail is obtained with the ipod (even if they are very close).Usually I listen at 1/3 ipod max volume for M-80, a bit more for M-100 to match M-80 volume,...
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