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I have Claro Halo setup with foobar2000 and WASAPI. The headphone is plugged directly into the sound card.   I am wondering if the driver "auto" switches the bit rates. For music flac files (44.1khz) and movie (48khz). Or must I manually switch the bit rate in the driver software?   Thanks in advance!
Thanks, I didn't realize the headphone uses mini-xlr.    
I ordered the Q701 couple days ago. Can't wait!!!   I need shorter cables, can someone tell me if these cables will work for the Q701? Thank you!
Awesome! The specs is nice on this sound card, but I just wasn't sure about it compared to separate headphone amps that most head-fiers have here...   I am new to headphones :) and I am a sound-stage whore so the Q701 is on top of my list.
I really want to try the Q701, but I will only use HT-Omega Claro Halo sound card and its built-in headphone amp.   Will my amp be enough?
Hello fellow Head-Fi ers:   I currently have a HT-Omega Claro Halo sound card with built-in headphone amp.(TPA6120A2) This is the amp I have to live with for the next few years.   I am a sound-stage whore, and I prefer to use headphone for Jazz/classical/vocal type of music. Any recommendations? I am open to both closed and open backs. I prefer clarity over full bass.   From my own research here, I am leaning...
imho, I would tend to trust the distributor more than the final retailer.....
very well Thank you!! I am fairly certain.     :)
john57   so from your post above, it appears Fischer Audio has "upgrades" and "mods" at additional cost.   However, all signs still point to HM5 being identical to FA-003.   If there are pictures of the guts (of both, or better yet Yoga and Lindy too), then we can solve this mystery. Am I right here? As long as they have identical driver, identical ICs and identical damping, then they are indeed identical.
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