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Keep the Denon deals coming.   I can't believe people are complaining about "too much" deals
What's wrong with celebrity endorsement?  Quincy Jones' Q701 is fantastic.   Not all cans are like the Beats. I keep an open mind until I hear otherwise.
agreed! I tried using open headphones but to me they just don't make sense because I already have a hi-fi stereo setup. I am still looking for a pair of good sounding closed headphones....   I just used Bose QC15 on a long flight. Although the sound is sub-par and too warm for me, the noise canceling worked wonders..... Just ranting!
I live close to monoprice. I can do that for you. Pm me.
Assuming you are happy with your receiver's stereo musicality, then optical or hdmi directly to your receiver. Make sure your music player supports WASAPI or ASIO. Then again, you don't need a soundcard to do this. Most likely your onboard sound is capable already.   The best part of this soundcard is its analogue ability. Hook it up directly to an amplifier (I use an integrated amp) and you have got yourself a great system. Also this card has a great headphone amp...
Got my white Q701 yesterday.   Fantastic sound-stage and separation. I researched nights and days before deciding on these. The sound signature is almost what I expected I went through many sets of loud speakers before deciding on my personal taste of sound signature. I love the the tight, accurate, extended, but not pronounced bass. I love the slightly analytical top end with spacious staging and separation. I also love the slightly forwarding mids on the Q701....
I bought a white one. It's scheduled to be delivered today! I can't wait! Impressions to come!   My things are not flashy, but this headphone is definitely going to stand out in my house LOL I even plan to custom build a black all alluminum headphone stand.
What is the theory behind above mod? This is interesting, and I see the re-direction of flow. However, I am boggled as to what you were trying to accomplished here.... 
Anyone?   See above question. Perhaps there is a way for me to test myself?
I doubt they make counterfit AKGs.   Beats and Bose maybe...
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