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 Wow, thanks for the heads up! Installing now...
a) Some people have had success with a system wide application of EQ but I have not. It is intended to work as a plugin with an individual player only.    b) Yes, I believe that what you are hearing is a better frequency response that in some ways will resemble the Elear depending on the headphone in question. The bass on the hd800 makes a day and night improvement after SW and may sound more in line with the bass response on the Elear. To me, it's even better.    c)...
Wow, Draug 2 Silver is a real looker.
I bought these just before Christmas from an authorized dealer. Box, all accessories and receipt available. Also have a pair of SDR mod that have not been installed but can throw in with the sale. Stock cable is NOT included.    Headphones are in like new condition with no marks or blemishes. Serial number 458xx.    Price is shipped and buyer covers fees or gifted. 
 I have known Trevor for years. He is a stand up guy and craftsman. He does get a considerable backlog when his cables go on "sale." 
 I can't argue with your logic. 
I had high expectations for the Riva. I found it to sound very average and ended up returning it.
^^ I've seen him at shows with Norne and Wy Wires cables. 
 Wow, what an abundance of goodies all in one shot!! That would certainly put my brain in overload. 
I've heard and owned $1k cables, kimber. I'd take the Norne even if they were the same price.
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