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 As long as that chrome is matte black. Not with the Flow but I did with the Ether original. The pairing was very good. Overall I found it just slightly better than qp1r. 
If the ring is easily removable, I'm pretty good with a paint gun. 
 Which version? I'm currently using 1.4.2  I haven't tried the 1.5.2 fw as it seems quite a few are having trouble with it. 
...my pair are ordered and just waiting, somewhat patiently for them to ship. I'm not sure who's in more dire straights...someone like myself who's heard them and now waiting, or not having heard them at all and buying them blind. 
Prefer black but any color will work.   Matt
 That's because I have a more serious approach than Tyll...haha. The Flow is a homerun IMHO and I think once it hits the streets it will be received as such.  I have to admit that I'm sort of blah about the blue cups rings also. I like the claret red much better. And matte(tcg) black would curl my toes. 
 Hmm...someone else has made very similar statements about Ether Flow even making particular comparisons against the hd800 with the Flow coming out on top. Now who could that be...can't remember. 
I'm getting perfect playback except when playing hi-res material. Anything hi-res skips and studders. Anyone have a suggestion?
Buyer backed out. Still for sale. 
Can the dx80 be used as a transport to a DAC like Gumby?
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