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The fine light sanding and semi gloss poly will give the cabinet that nice furniture quality finish. I think that I may be the only person on the planet with a solid walnut/hardwood cabinet for my 500c. I must say it feels pretty good.
Delightful chocolate candies.
The cabinet for the Fisher is done minus some light sanding and a little poly.
I have some extras that I'm sure someone would enjoy.   1. Bamboo custom base. There are a couple of cool features here. The top of the base surrounds the top plate of the Crack to "lock" it in place unlike the stock base which simply rest on top with gravity. Second, the interior of this base adds about 3/4" over stock. This gives more breathing room for heat dissipation and also adding larger caps. It is without a scratch and looks new. The wooden Crack letters are...
Much better sound staging...richer mids...tonality of instruments and voices is appreciably improved.   SB=tighter bass with a good dash improved sub bass extension (best upgrade for the crack IMO)
IMO, yes.
Looking for the latest version 3.2 and nice condition. Shoot me a message if you've got a pair to sell. I need a closed pair of hp's these days.   thanks...
^^ Screw on...screw off.
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