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 It's interesting what you say about the pairing with the v281. I have not heard it but owned two other Violectric amps. They were both VERY warm IMO, too warm. Which would seem a bad match for the NH. But I'd certainly like to hear them together some time. 
Player comes in the box with accessories and is in great condition. Has always been in the case. Cards can have music left on them if preferred.    Conus only. I cover shipping on gifted payment.    Matt
 You tease and tease but don't please.  Just like Mrs. TCG
Headphone like new with no blemishes. Box and accessories including the freq graph usb key. Does not include the stock 1/4 cable but does include the stock balanced cable plus a portable cable with DHC wire.    Price is shipped with a gifted payment, conus only.    Matt
Same pads with velour/synthetic tops (side that touch the skin) would be very interesting. 
 Who is someone?
 I'm not huge on rock but I find the NH about perfect when I do listen to rock. They have a richer, warmer tone which seems to play well with rock music. But then, so does the hd650. 
I need the money. 
There is something about the NH that is different than all other headphones that I've owned. It happened the very first time that I put it on. When I first listened to it, I could hear a thick veil around the sound. Then after a few minutes, it lifts, and I find myself captivated by the sound and hear no veil. If I listen to ONLY the NH for several days in a row...no veil. But, if I toss in another headphone and then back to the NH the veil is back. Hmm...   Regardless,...
Original box, accessories and usb key with freq graph. Just missing the 1/4 cable but comes with the balanced cable.   Price includes shipping conus on a gifted payment.   thanks,   Matt
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