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The amp is like new with no visible marks or wear. Original box, accessories etc. I have a very nice set of NOS RCA tubes that are a nice upgrade over the stock set.    Price includes shipping. Please add $10 unless payment is gifted.    thanks...
I've owned probably 3x dozen tubes and I've only had problems with two. For me, it's worth it to get the romance of a good tube amp. 
Thanks. It's been so long since I've listened to the MD I couldn't really recall.
Can anyone compare the Pm3 to the mad dog? Thanks.
Sorry to hear about the Rag. That has to be a big disappointment. That's a complicated amp to compile and build...much more so than anything else Schiit has done. Hopefully they can get it together, I'd love to hear it. 
Best SS amp that I've heard with the hd650 is the Headcode amp by Phillip LaRocco. 
What's the deal with getting the gain set properly on the itube? DIP switches drive me nuts and very cumbersome to make changes. A switch on the front face would have been much appreciated. 
 $1500 is a lotta bones for sure. Puts the Ether directly in the hd800, lcd-x bracket. And that's some very competitive terrritory for sho... BTW, the pm-3 is rockin' nicely. Pretty neutral with a slight bump in the bass. Great isolation and comfy...I like it!!
 Pretty much opposite of each other but good complementary headphones. Closed planar vs open dynamic. The AD will be much more neutral and offer good visceral punch on sub bass and will have more sparkle up top. The hd650 is know for mid bass warmth, darker treble, outstanding mids and a very forgiving signature. 
This meet seems to be gaining ground each year. Maybe in a few years it will be referred to as CanJam-South.    Looking forward to it guys. Just picked up the pm-3, so please add that to my list. Hopefully I won't sell or trade it before the meet.    For those of you who haven't followed the impressions from Can Jam, the new Mr. Speakers headphone dubbed "Ether" is a stunning release and many are saying the star of the show. It is now the object of my
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