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So it seems that the he400 will retain a fair portion of it's following, mostly due to the special class of bass response that it offers over the 400i. My desire for more bass has waned over the past year or so. For me, the balance of the 400i and natural mids make it too compelling to pass up. But I can certainly see why the original remains popular.  
 Similar bass presentation with the lcd 2.2 offering better extension and accuracy. While both headphones have a somewhat darker presentation the he400 has a treble tizz and most will find annoying. The mids on the lcd2 are in a whole different league and wonderfully reproduced. 
Perfect condition. No trades. Conus only.   Shipping and pp included.   thanks...
 IMO, the Asgard 2 is not the right amp for the hd800. It's as picky as anything on the planet when it comes to amp/dac. Even the Vali will sound better for the hd800 and the Valhalla 2 better still. Just a suggestion. The 800 will surprise you on the right setup. Oh, I'm back in the lcd-2 club!! 
 The Val 2 is a full tube amp masquerading as a SS amp. It has a nice organic tonality with good extension and air.  Just another great effort from the boys at Schiit.   I have owned and loved the Crack which is also a great choice for the hd6x0. It will be more lush and warm than the Val 2. 
I've had the Valhalla 2 for about a month. In short, it's outstanding with the 600/650 and 800. It would be really tough to be beat this amp at $350. 
 Thanks. For some reason, the only part and accessories that come up for me on the Senn site, is for the headband. If any could provide a link to the pads on the Senn site I'd appreciate it. 
I'm late to the game on these, but have put in my pre-order and hoping for something around Thanksgiving. Not holding my breath though as I know many are already waiting. They would make a great Christmas present to myself. 
I'm only able to find replacement pads at amazon and they are pricey at $60. Can someone point me to a US seller that's a little more reasonable?
The 650 makes a great compliment to the 800 IMO. 
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