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My understanding is the "pre-amp" section for the RCA out, only works once the USB connection is made and the driver is installed. Please correct me if this is otherwise. 
The analogue out doesn't require a usb connection? I'm not able to get sound to the second amp using this configuration. 
Question. I prefer to use optical  from my pc to connect to my dac and not usb. With the HA-1, if I do use optical can still power/connect to a secondary hp amp (BHC) with the dac from the HA-1 without using any usb? 
I believe that I have finally replaced my hd650's. Never thought that I would. Since I got the hd800 I'm just not listening to them anymore. I you have interest pm me before I put them up for sale officially. 
Nope. Many of us share your opinion on the 800.
I have several albums on my "near perfect" list:   1. Muddy Waters: Folk Singer   2. Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Revisited   3. Alison Krauss: Forget About It   4. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue 24/96   5. Jill Barber: Mischievous Moon   And many more...
Wow...this would save someone a month of waiting if ordered from BH. And fair price. 
Better mids than the hd600...
Some of you are problem free with the connectors but...some have trouble. Please consider the greater picture here. I wouldn't call it an alarming percentage but it would definitely be a concern for a company I'd think.    Go over to any of the Audeze threads and listen for someone to complain about the connectors. You only hear one thing...crickets. 
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