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Price includes shipping and pp.    Conus only please.   thanks...
Price included shipping and pp.    Conus only please.   thanks...
 At the end of the day (and the beginning), it's about the enjoyment of the music. If the goosebumps aren't standing up on your arms, then you're not doing something right. Turn off the computer, sit in a nice comfortable chair, pour yourself a refreshing beverage of choice and forget about everything but the experience for an hour or so.  
This is the best Stax amp I've heard. Wish that I had the cash. 
Warm sweet tone with great bass. This is a gold pin version. No microphonics or noise with either tube. Matched pair.    $5 to ship and I'll cover pp. Conus only thanks. 
^^ I have Miles Davis and Nike Drake. That leaves me three to explore on Tidal tonight, thanks! 
@chowmein83 ...thanks so much for your thoughts and particularly comparisons to ETHER (which I know very well). If I had any inkling of picking up the Elear I've put that to rest and I'll stick with what I've got (ETHER, hd800 and hd650).    Oh and don't worry, your opinion is plenty trustworthy around here IMO.   Again, thank you for taking the time. 
 +1 to the peace maker and voice of reason. 800S is a no brainer for you given the quality of amps and dacs that you own Reddog. I had really hoped to see more impressions at this point. I guess patience is a virtue. 
 I have a NICE pair of Teslas!! PM me Thurston...I need to take my wife out for a nice dinner. 
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