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I do have one for the he800
Dang. Loan a brother a cable :-)
Hd6x0 I'd say is more comfortable because of the weight and pads.
I can only offer on the ones that I've owned. Moody can make a better list. 1. Fisher 500c 2. Pioneer sx1280 3. Sansui 9090 4. Pioneer sx 1050 5. Pioneer sx 1080
My new pair also sound warmer.
Thanks guys. I need to do more research on the Wyrd. It keeps popping up on my radar.
I recently picked up a used like new gungnir. I assumed it was gen2 usb. It's not. Is it worth the money to buy the upgrade board?
I never liked the smc connectors. Mini xlr would have been the way to go.
 lol...I'd much rather buy from an individual who has cared for the old vintage stuff and has a genuine interest in seeing his items go to a good home.
Looking for a lyr 2 at a reasonable price. Please let me know if you've got one to sell.   Conus only...   thanks.
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