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Bass heavy music played at 80-90 db with some pink noise stuff thrown in should break them in well. I like to use my fiio e10k with bass boost on for burning in. 
A few things about unboxing and first impressions.    *the box and packing have got a nice upgrade and look quite slick and professional now, befitting a totl flagship product   *the DUM cable is no longer KINKY!!  YES!!!  This is now a very usable and well behaved cable (thanks for this Dan).    *even with no "burn in" these impress right out of the box. I guess it's been about a month since I had flow in house. Man did I miss them. 
The HD 800 and flow seem similarly comfy to me. The hex is a little heavy after an hour.
It's been a rough wait. I was hooked on them after the first day and then a few days later I had to give them back up to Dan. I am very glad to have them in the house.
They are in the house today, yo!
 I paired this cable with the hd800 and thought it sounded wonderfully. Added a warmer rich tone that worked well with the hd800. Have not heard it with ETHER. 
 I'm shipped. Thanks to Schiit for the fast shipping. Should make it just in time for the meet this weekend. 
 I'm giving Norne high praise for build quality, materials and price. Do be prepared to wait a bit though. 
Just wanted to share that after I sent in a request about the broken cable yesterday, I had a response from AQ with an offer to replace it. Same day response, AND on Sunday. 
 I'm checking with my "pay" pal now.  I actually sent an email to ask if the shipping could be upgraded. Just for you Purk. 
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