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Please let me know if you've got one for sale.   thanks...
 This pretty much sums it up for me. And the very reason why I own both.
^^ What hp's are you driving with the new stack?
 Now that you mention, yes I still do consider their products great bang for the buck. They compete with much more expensive gear that I've owned for sure. But now they are impressive regardless of the price considered IMO.
I continue to tip my hat to Schiit for what I used to call best bang for the buck in the business. Now are just some of the best products out there period. The lyr 2 really impresses me over the original version not just with the added functionality but the improvement in sound staging and refinement. Just a great amp.   Thanks to Nick for all the quick and short responses. I for one appreciate a nice simple and direct answer.
I'll agree with Bill here. I'm disappointed with the way you played this whole thing out publicly. I'll be happy to share my opinion in a pm or publicly.
I'm using the Crack and gungnir and couldn't be happier...well, unless I use my Fisher 500c instead.
I've bought and sold more than a half dozen schiit amps and dacs without a single issues during shipping. The heavy styrofoam sleeves make damage a very very small risk. The package would have to be completely abused by the shipping company or reseller to have the type of damage being claimed here. The type of support offered by SSchiit I'd say is the best I've ever dealt with from any company audio or otherwise. The claims by DL seem rather unrealistic to me. If you...
The Pioneers that I've owned gave me an audible hiss with the hd6x0, but otherwise sounded very nice together. This can usually be eliminated with an annenuator.
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