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 Only people who are no good at golf say that.  
Just wanted to drop and see how this thread was doing. Glad to see that it's alive and well and thriving after all this time. This headphone still has some of the best sub bass ever! Happy listening guys. 
 Cool. I hear there's some good golf over that way. Next time I plan a golf trip, I'll bring my hp gear along :-)
I sent an email to customer service asking for an estimated ship date. Will report back once I get a reply. 
I will have to look into the tubes possibilities with the Ember. I have a nice selection already including an adapter for 6sn7 tubes ( Sylvania chrometop is a real standout). But the holy grail tube for Ember/Ember is a Philips mini watt Harleen. Just stunning. And lucky for me, I have two of them. 
I'm in the process of writing a few reviews, but wanted to make a few preemptive comments concerning amping the Ether.   While the Ether does scale with flagship products, you don't need to break the bank to get this headphone to 90-95% of it's potential.    LYR 2 (with a decent set of NOS tubes): Ether responds well to the power of the lyr. High gain works best and a decent set of NOS tubes (Bugle Boys, Mullard, telefunken) will get you in the drivers seat. Ether is...
I'm not a fan of the silver either. Seems that to get the price down to $299 some things had to be compromised. I really liked the paint on the 400i. Very classy and auto quality. In fairness, my hd650 is also plastic and I have no issues with it. I'm assuming that the new 400s is plastic based cups.  If they get the sound right, all is good. 
"Matt, could you write a review of the Ember..."   I could probably do this. 
I agree. Ember is working beautifully with the hd650 and Ether for me. It has both power and control. Amazing for such a small package. 
 Dang, guess I have to exhale. 
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