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 I believe Dan answered this earlier if you want to take look a few pages back. Italian leather on the new pads is thicker and overall a nicer pad. 
My dx80 is for sale if anyone is looking. 
Excellent condition. Silicone case, box and accessories. Box is a bit dinged up but it arrived that way.    Conus only. Price is shipped and pp'ed.
Perfect condition and about 11" which is perfect for stacking an amp and dac (think mjo/gumby).    Conus only. Price includes shipping and pp fees.    thanks...
Player is in excellent condition with no scratches. Silicone case and all accessories.    Conus only, price is shipped and pp'ed.    Matt
These are three months old. Brown and ivory. Box and accessories.    Conus only, price is shipped and pp'ed. 
I should be able to make it. I'm excited to share the ETHER Flow. Amazing advancement in what planar mags are cable of. Sounds very much like electro stat. 
Looks like the price was reduced in the last day or so. I'll let the seller respond. I know Mike, he's a good guy for sure. 
How is this still here? And at this price. I'd take it but well, I already have one. One of the best DACS you can get at any price!!
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