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Wait a minute!! Somehow you guys have completely misinterpreted my original post. No where did I say, "throw you favorite bargain amp for the 650 into the ring." Nope, didn't say that at. I really meant to give a definitive, end game, bargain 650 amp and have that be the end of the discussion. 
 I'll challenge your Chord Hugo with the Crack anytime for the 650 and at a fraction of the cost. 
 The A2 is very clean sounding with a slightly warm tilt...just a touch. I like the versatility of the gain switch and pre-amp. Very well built and a bargain at $250. 
^^ A2 was my favorite as well. 
 Yes, and still am. It will all come down to what I'm able to audition and what the expenses look like at the time of purchase. Got to operate off the radar of Mrs. TCG. Secrete pp account is well padded though.  The gungnir would give me dual RCA outs which I'd really like. 
 I don't hear a lot about the d100, although I've read a few reviews. It doesn't seem to get the same notoriety as some other solutions here. 
 Thanks for staying in touch Peter. Looking forward to the launch and a successful product. 
 The uberfrost is a very good dac. But...I've heard the hd800 sound appreciably better on other dacs. I've been content with the bifrost for a long time, but I felt like if I could give the 800's a better source I'd be nearing the promised land.  
Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm very much leaning towards the NAD option. I've read over and over how crucial the dac is for the overall performance of the 800. I'll likely pickup the NAD this week.   
Question/advice needed:   I've sold my bifrost and now have enough money for either the HA-1 or a used NAD m51. Currently I have the Crack amp with the 800 and like the sound of it.    I curious about the HA-1 and also about going balanced with the 800. So should I upgrade the source with the NAD or go with HA-1 with the Sabre dac?
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