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 I think that the he560/400i would be more complementary but I'm finding it hard to resist the temptation of the Oppo. 
Thanks for the impressions. Still trying to decide whether to grab these or wait for the pm-2. 
^^ Thanks!
Does Oppo sell direct only?
 The ONLY product I've been faithful to is the hd650, period. It's the only piece of gear that I purchased and haven't sold.  And the truth is, if I had to sell it to be able to get a Stax setup...then I'd sell it. If I don't sell the Crack, it wouldn't bother me in the least. It would just mean that I would have to pass on one of the new planars that I want to try out.  Glad I gave you a chuckle though. 
 More like a Negative Nancy. 
 Very cool. There are many days left in April though. 
I had the good sense to go from the 400 to 4 to the 500. 
 I agree. Please pm Peter at hifiman and tell him that I'm deserving for a review pair. 
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