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 haha...mojo for the truly manly. 
 Why hardwired? Just curious...
 I swapped a few emails with them. I stated that yes, in fact their paint in more resistant to scratches. 
Currently I have a Valhalla 2 and it's pairing nicely with my hd650's. I'm looking to add another amp (solid state) that plays nicely with planar magnetic hp's. Here is what's on my wishlist:   *Balanced input and balanced hp jack   *good power/current for planar mags   *ability to drive a set of old Mission bookshelf speakers would be a huge bonus but not a deal breaker   The rough budget would be $500-$1000. The new Schiit amp is on my radar's not out...
^^ I won't belabor the point any further, as it seems pretty obvious. Please post your impressions for the grill mod for the hp's that you've actually tried it with. This is a different hp than what you've owned and tried the mod with. It just doesn't make much sense nor is it fair for the readers of this thread. I hope that you can appreciate this simple request. Thanks. 
^^ Sweet picture sir!!
 What does that have to do with the discussion here? Those are completely different hp's. Please don't chime in with responses without personal first hand knowledge. Otherwise people who read this thread for information to make decisions will assume that you own both of these hp's and have done the grill mod for both. 
 Do you own either of these hp's? If so do you have either grill modded?
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