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These are bamboo and without any scratches whatsoever. Comes with travel case, stock cable, wood care kit and all accessories. These are in exceptional condition. Leather pads and headband. If you are looking for some of the best midrange and sub bass ever...look no further.    Price includes shipping conus and pp fees. Pics upcoming.    thanks...
I think that the amp section is better than I was expecting. The lcd2.2 and hd800 are sounding pretty nice tbh.    lcd2.2=turbo no xbass yes 3d   hd800=nomal yes xbass no 3d   hd650=normal plus first click on iem match yes xbass no 3d
Yes its subtle which is a good thing.
While I did not test the amps with the dt150, I did test both Beyer amps, extensively for a review. Honestly I found them very average for the performance and somewhat overpriced for other offerings by companies like Schiit. 
 It goes away with time. At least mine did. 
 Okay, thanks. I guess I misunderstood you but just wanted some clarification. I'm looking to add the e12 or e12a to drive my hd650 when I'm away from home. 
 I have to ask...are you saying that the x5 would drive the hd650 and even hd800 reasonably well. I have an x5 coming in today so I'm curious about what you think. 
Sorry guys, just got home. The "direct" settings seems to be the fix. I'll test it over the next day or so but it seems to have done the trick. 
Good guess, but no...that's not it. 
Thanks J...will check as soon as I get home. 
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