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Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm very much leaning towards the NAD option. I've read over and over how crucial the dac is for the overall performance of the 800. I'll likely pickup the NAD this week.   
Question/advice needed:   I've sold my bifrost and now have enough money for either the HA-1 or a used NAD m51. Currently I have the Crack amp with the 800 and like the sound of it.    I curious about the HA-1 and also about going balanced with the 800. So should I upgrade the source with the NAD or go with HA-1 with the Sabre dac?
 I've been digging NC for several months. Have not had the pleasure of spinning them up with the 800s...yet. 
 Pearls of wisdom being given here. The lyr with telefunkens made magic for me on many nights till the wee hours of the morning. 
Which is why I suggested the BHC. Most people would want to try planar mags though. 
 Looks like they have a distributor in Poland...Earmania. I think that shipping should work from there. 
Ah ha!!   Now I see the whole picture. The hd650 is not what I'd call incredibly difficult to amp and sound pretty darn good, BUT...I've found over the years that it actually does scale nicely with better gear. It definitely needs a dedicated hp amp. Consider these:       *Vali $120 (built in tubes, incredibly hard to beat the sound quality for the money)   *Lyr 2 $450 (dynamic powerful, you can roll your own tubes, built like a tank, will power just about any hp...
 And what are you using for your current amp/dac?
You would need to post what amp/dac that you have, as it's not listed in your profile. You might want to add that info to your profile as it will make it easier for others to help you.    Also post what kind of budget you have and where you're located. This will also make it easier to get answers. 
 First post here and you're asking about magical changes with cables? *facepalm* Please ever so slight increases with cable changes. You'll make more appreciable changes with amps and more than that with different hp's. Q-Audio and Norne Audio make very nice cables btw. 
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