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I've owned the hd800, lcd-2, he-560 among many many others. I heard the nicely broken Ethers at the Nashville under relatively calm conditions compared to Can Jam. I have both loved and hated the hd800 for reasons that most owners are all too familiar with. The Ether was breathtaking out of the gate with relatively little pomp and circumstance. I said it before and I'll say it again, the Ether is in no way bass light/shy. The hd800 can impress with sound stage and...
This is one of the new amps that I've had on my list for more than a year that I just haven't got around to hearing. If you've got one and willing to let go, please let me know.    US seller only please.
THIS!! It doesn't how many headphones I've heard and compared or how many reviews I've written or how many measurements that I've taken. My perfect is likely different from your perfect. My ears, age, hearing abilities are likely different than the next guys. If an o2 sounds are good as a Liquid're a lucky guy, enjoy. 
Great seller, great price! These will go quickly. 
Please let me know if you've got one to part with for a good price.   thanks...
 The fiio x5 is excellent. The AK are even better but very spendy. 
 Not at all IMO. The Ether is clearly better across the spectrum. 
You got it. 
My Ether is officially ordered. 
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