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^^ +1 for more flying monkeys. 
Jay is right, it's a great amp. But...it's not amp for the hd800 IMO. 
I'll plan to bring at least one vintage receiver for the meet. 
Project Ember is pretty nice with the hd800 but I'm finding it only decent. Crack with SB is better. Questyle cma800r is surprisingly good. 
Great Wolfson dac with 32/384 dsd support. Box and all accessories included.    Unit is like new. Prices includes pp, $5 to ship priority usps two day.    thanks...
^^ Those tubes are alarmingly close to the wooden shelf above. Makes me nervous for the amp and for you. 
I wondered if Dr. Cavalli could chime and let us know what the release date looks like.   thanks...
Hd800 kicks like a mule from the Sansui au-717 but is even better from the Fisher 500c...more finesse. The jury is out on the LC and hd800. But there is no doubt about the LC and Ether...sublime. 
 Yes, if I weren't so incapacitated. Bahaha!!  Let me check. Etherhd800hd650momentum 2 Project Ember 2, gungnir, Liquid Carbon (pre-order) and currently working on an amp for the hd800
subbed. I vote for Dan Clark to make another appearance. He is officially a rock star with the Ether and plus, he buys the pizza. 
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