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I have been working with a friend here in Atlanta who will be selling headphones and gear...all the good stuff. It looks like there is a good chance he will attend with a carload of good schiit.   I won't make any promises for him, but look for a confirmation one way or the other soon. 
I've had these for about a week. The condition is as new. Box, all cables and accessories.    Ships usps two day priority. $10 to ship and gifted payment. Pics on the way...
Looking good Jay!!
^^ The t1 will always make a huge sound stage improvement over the hd650. A good tube amp like the Crack will make up some of the difference in that regard. But what the Crack and 650 give that very few other hp's can, is that sublime tone of the mids.    Give it a few days and let it grow on you...  
 But it annoys me to have to use the adapter with my nice usb cable. I'm using the micro as a desktop solution 90% of the time. 
^^ Yes, but if you're using the ifi as a desktop solution and no using OTG...
^^ I wish you guy the very best and continued success. Hang in there!!
There are a pair for sale here in the used forums.
^^ I agree 100%...dead neutral wire and performs way better than it's price point. 
 I've already got some Kimber PBJ's IC's in place and a new cable for the hd650 is on the way. 
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