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^^ I haven't heard them on the lyr 2. But I can imagine that the match is very good. Enjoy!!
I received these headphones this past Monday 8.31.15 from an authorized dealer. They are retail and not pre-production models. They have mostly sat on my stand burning in with me getting some listening sessions at night. The sound is indisputably glorious and my all time favorite.    But at 480 grams they are just too heavy for me. Please check my feedback for reassurance.    Shipping is covered by not paypal fees. Pay by gift or cover the fees. NOT willing to ship...
 It is hump day after all. 
A good tech NEVER reformats...they resolve the actual problem. Techs who reformat work for the Geek Squad. 
 Good question.  I've done a low level uninstall of the drivers including a manual registry cleanup. This time when I installed the driver for GMB it picked it up right away and initiated the install. Last time I installed it, there were several attempts before I had any success. This is using a powered hub.  Fingers are crossed.  Edit...didn't last five minutes before the connection dropped. 
 Gotcha. Can't go wrong with Crack w/sb, or Valhalla 2. Crack will be more meaty and richer sounding and the Val 2 will be more resolving and transparent. Both are very good just different flavors.  Neither will compare to a good Woo amp IMO. And the Fisher 500c spanks them all. 
 For what headphone(s) ?
 Okay, and thanks Jason/everyone. I didn't want to add more schiit to my setup but I will try the hub first and then the Wyrd if necessary. I finally have all the amazing gear that I've ever wanted and I can't get my music to stop dropping out!  Does it making a difference on whether using a usb 2 or usb 3 port?
The LC should be good and maybe very good with hek, but I dropped my pre-order. I won't derail this thread but we can go to pm if you want the dirty details. The huge plus for the hek is that the amp that you currently have is probably a good pairing. I wasn't planning to cut my Questyle cma800r loose and look for an amp for the hek. Turns out, these two sounds incredibly good together. Good clean power is all that you need with hek. Speaker amps and mono blocks are really...
 Now I'm going to have to start the name calling. 
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