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^^ Headamp gsx mkii is top three IMO with the hek. As is the dynahi. 
Rag is a very good amp. After listening to it several times I feel that it's a very good bargain if you also want to power some speakers and if the girth doesn't present a problem. If you don't need the speaker functionality and like Schiit, then the mjo2 or even the original mjo makes a compelling choice at a lot less money. Deals on used original mjo are plentiful right now and play to the strengths of the he1000.    There are certainly lot's of good choices out there...
 You won't be disappointed. They are beautifully made and sound fantastic. Plus Trevor is great to work with.
Pm Me.
 Fair enough. 
I wouldn't be right to derail the thread. I'd rather take this to pm. I would throw this challenge out to you. Make a set of pads for the 650 on your own. Then give it a listen and see if it sounds anything like the 650. 
 Did you have express permission of the owner to repost these pictures? Just curious. 
 Respectfully, I can't agree here. Pads easily make a significant difference in the sound of most headphones, IMO. 
^^ I just did both. Kicked the laptop to the curb and bought a dell xps 13.3 (2015)...awesome. Also built myself a new desktop with quality components. They had a bigger impact imagined on my music setups. 
I ordered a mjo2 on Friday morning and got the shipped notice about an hour later. The package was not picked up till about 3 though. Just doesn't get much more efficient than that IMO. 
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