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I've decided that I'd like to have a flagship hp and the only way that I can swing the money is to sell the Crack.    Here are a few details:   *built by zashzoomin (who has built many crack kits for headiers) *Obbligato caps (they were $50x0) *Alps blue velvet pot *hammertone black painted top plate and bell *solid walnut base (original base is also included *Woo Audio 6f8g>12au7 adapter     There is also an assortment of aftermarket tubes in addition to the...
I find it to be a great all rounder. It might not be great with classical, but for everything else I'm happy with the performance. 
 My ex graduated high school with Chris Robinson. 
Thanks LB...listening to the BC now. 
The will be very enjoyable from the x3. 
Croweology is one of my favs. 
 My advice, slow down. The 400 will sound very good from the x3. Use it for a month or so and get a feel for how good you think it is. I was on the 400 and e17 for nearly a year, and very happy, before the upgrade bug struck. The 400 doesn't need much amping to get to a very enjoyable level. 
 They were also made by Steve Eddy at Q-Audio. 
^^ I agree that's an odd comment regarding the lcd2's brightness. 
I don't buy cables for SQ changes...just to have a custom length, better ergonomics an low microphonics.   
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