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Rattenfanger sounds excellent! Vastrum as well, but Rattenfanger was spot on. Thanks!
NEW BEYOND CREATION TRACK + Preorder link   Doing what they do best. Too bad the stream is ****.
I have to agree. They have the formula down, but at the same time they don't take themselves overtly seriously or feel pressure to adhere to any standard other than their own. They just wanna make some good, catchy tunes. They remind me a little bit of The Monolith Deathcult where there is a subtle satire that runs through their music while being very enjoyable.
Yeah, raw production is definitely an acquired taste when it gets to a certain point, but to me it adds a bit of mystique or magic to the experience, as if I'm dusting off a long-forgotten ancient tome... *goes off the rails*   The first kvlt production that I really appreciated was probably Schattenvald:    
Thanks, I'm liking what I'm hearing at an initial listen (Paragon of Dissonance). They've got a psychadelic ambience going on in the background, which I definitely do not mind! I appreciate your recommendation. I'd also love anything a little more stripped down to let the heaviness/brutality peek through, too! Also, something that's not afraid to speed it up a bit now and then.
Guys, I can't get enough of Vainaja's debut LP. I'm fairly virgin to the death-doom scene. Do you guys have any recommendations for something like Vainaja, pure heavy death-doom with a keen sense of rhythm that borders on being anthemic, or even catchy? And I also love me a production with a ton of weight behind it.
I discovered the magic of DR through listening to drumkits on well-mastered vinyl...Vainaja's latest. That. *******. KICK. DRUM. And snare. The impact alone makes me want to headbang my desk into the floor. Nothing is the same after something like that. (unfortunately this is not the same dynamic master)
This is the main problem for me across all loud releases. One notch up and it's blowing my ears off, one notch down and it's all muffled sounding and quiet. 
I think the problem lies in the fact that Fallujah's brand of death metal is pretty nuanced; the music itself is very dynamic with atmospheric swells, mood changes, and progression. These sorts of things, one would imagine, would be brought to the umpteenth degree with a dynamic mix, unlike, say, Anaal Nathrakh (perhaps... a big perhaps, even). I also think the fact that Colin Marston, Dan Swano et al can do it shows that it actually ISN'T a compromise that has to be made....
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