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I've heard tidbits, and I've loved what I heard so far. Very razor-sharp, tight and dark stuff. I'm glad that it doesn't seem as weird as their most recent iterations have been.  I e-mailed them to see if I could get a download code, and worse comes to worse, I'll just put my pirate cap on. Since I already bought the LP, I wouldn't feel too bad about it.
 Apparently my order along with others whose were shipped on August 5th all got lost in the USPS system. I talked with Avantgarde music about this and they said if I haven't received it by Friday, they're sending me a new copy. A little unfortunate, but I appreciate their transparency. I'm very excited to have this record.
Shipped this morning to devhen.
MF is actually quite the metalhead! She has quite a bit of experience with the high-end, too.
Ilikecereal421 has passed as well. This west coast tour is ending early! Will PM devhen.
Ayeveen is passing it as well, so I'll go to the next next next person on the list!
Picked up the west coast pair Friday night. Will ship it out on Tuesday.
New Anaal Nathrakh!     The chorus actually reminds me of... .... .... Soilwork...? Anyway, I liked the little industrial bits. Otherwise, typical AN.
This was excellent. Usually black/death has one genre being predominant, but this was pretty much a seamless blend of the two. Very evil, to boot! Thanks! One album I think that was overlooked (I've mentioned them before, though) was this black metal gem: 
One of my top post-metal bands, Amia Venera Landscape, has just posted a new song. Very stoked for their revival. Just epic, melodic soundscapes.     
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