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If you guys enjoyed the new Abigor, these guys are a blast. Totally unexpected, found through autothrall's wonderful reviews. Fantastic guitar playing with angular riffs and malevolent harmonies. Very technical, but still very black metal, like the new Abigor. 78 minutes, but it NEVER gets old, songs are constantly shifting and changing and growing.   https://wtcproductions.bandcamp.com/album/liber-lvcifer-i-khem-sedjet
 Seriously, I'm enjoying this record way more than their debut. A lot more exciting and interesting sections in general at first listen. "Earthborn Evolution" (the song) epitomizes everything I love about the band. I also downloaded it from the interwebs, but that's also because I pre-ordered the vinyl already and so I can justify it. I just need to get my TT fixed, now...
I'm going to the same concert when they come to Oakland! I'm coming to see Carach Angren, Inquisition and SepticFlesh; skipping AD and Deicide, mainly because I don't really listen to either. Abysmal Dawn seems like bland generic technical death metal and Deicide I'm simply not familiar with. Dagon is quite a character, and it's awesome that he seems to enjoy playing so much. Carach Angren's lead vocalist/guitarist also seems quite charistmatic and animated as well. I take...
 Haha, atmospheric black metal is a niche where only truly dazzling stars can shine. And yeah, it was really disappointing that we lost LA. I remember when I first joined, there was a member of this thread that had Andacht as his avatar; I remember he was quite the LA fan!  Yep. The cleaner production was a peculiar touch, and someone described it well; where in the other albums the fuzzy blackness sent you propelling through an endless, claustrophobic space, this one felt...
 I remember being 17 and listening to this on a long plane ride. Definitely one of the more unique aural experiences I had. My mind was also blown when I learned this guy was from Lunar Aurora, too! This, along with Darkspace was my first foray into expansive, trancelike BM.
Found this new band via MA. Melodic death/thrash with some awesome leads and harmonies. Reminds me a bit of a pissed off/amped up Insomnium or Be'lakor.  
I've heard tidbits, and I've loved what I heard so far. Very razor-sharp, tight and dark stuff. I'm glad that it doesn't seem as weird as their most recent iterations have been.  I e-mailed them to see if I could get a download code, and worse comes to worse, I'll just put my pirate cap on. Since I already bought the LP, I wouldn't feel too bad about it.
 Apparently my order along with others whose were shipped on August 5th all got lost in the USPS system. I talked with Avantgarde music about this and they said if I haven't received it by Friday, they're sending me a new copy. A little unfortunate, but I appreciate their transparency. I'm very excited to have this record.
Shipped this morning to devhen.
MF is actually quite the metalhead! She has quite a bit of experience with the high-end, too.
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