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New Anaal Nathrakh!     The chorus actually reminds me of... .... .... Soilwork...? Anyway, I liked the little industrial bits. Otherwise, typical AN.
This was excellent. Usually black/death has one genre being predominant, but this was pretty much a seamless blend of the two. Very evil, to boot! Thanks! One album I think that was overlooked (I've mentioned them before, though) was this black metal gem: 
One of my top post-metal bands, Amia Venera Landscape, has just posted a new song. Very stoked for their revival. Just epic, melodic soundscapes.     
Another new "Dark Fortress" track from their upcoming "Venereal Dawn":   Man, this band just can't disappoint. Reminds me a bit of "Sycamore Trees" off of Ylem; has a bit of creepiness to it, and it's a bit low-key, which is a nice change of pace.
Also, I am so psyched for this Spectral Lore/Nachtreich split:     If nothing else, the bits from 3:20-7:17 are whats got me hyped. True intersection of black metal and classical elements. I always love it when a band (or bands, in this case) do it right.
  I think Fotis Bernardo from Septicflesh might be an underappreciated drummer. Look how stupid tight andintricate he is live! Flawless performance.   This was at the concert I was at, too!
Yeah. He's raising a son now, so he's been quiet lately, but I'd love another Vornagar album.
Speaking of wanky tech death, anyone like Anomalous? Fallujah reminded me of them, actually.  
They're all great works, honestly. One observation is that they dial back the "insanity" each new album, but mature their songwriting as a result.
 It's really accessible candied 'black' metal that's decently written. I really liked it, but like you said, it was fairly one-note. My personal annoyance is two-fold: tru-kvlt metalheads ****ting all over it, and all the trend-hoppers calling it the 'best metal album of all time'. ******* Anorexia Nervosa... I was so addicted to all their albums. Just an insane brand of symphonic black metal, absolutely hysterical. Very very few bands of the symphonic ilk match up to...
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