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Still available? how about these ones? do they worth the price? (considering they might be a factory second)
Yo diria que los E10 son mejores. Los CW31 son mas balanceados, los E10 en cambio son agresivos.  Los Meelec CW31 son de madera, pero de alguna forma se ven mas "baratos" que los E10, creo que es por el color que utilizaron es claro. Yo al menos, compraria nuevamente los E10 si tuviera un presupuesto similar. He probado los CW31 y no me gustaron tanto, son mas parecidos a los E30 de Soundmagic. Vivo en Chile, y te recomiendo que los compres en mp4nation, tardan...
any pictures?
you got pm!
the E10 are better, far better i'd say. Are funnier, more detailed and also have more bass. I would buy them again (had to sell a lot of my earphones to get the GR07 and JVC HA-FXT90  D:
so, it's CONUS only, or EVERYWHERE, as the description says?
I own a pair of Vsonic Gr07 for almost a month now ($160 shipped almost everywhere) and i've been listening almost 100% metal, (Anthrax, Megadeth, Exodus, Iced Earth, Maiden, Sodom, Kreator, Sacred Reich and such). Great for their price, very detailed sound, and they can take even the faster tracks on my list. Very happy with them
in my own experience, having both big head and big hears, it's not comfortable to wear them over the ear (cable is too thick, and ear guides are small for me) So if i don't want to be checking the cable every 30 seconds, i MUST wear them straight down
I've sended a PM, hope you read it!
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